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Category: The Shop

  1. The Shop

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    Please note that the Shop is open as usual for all paintings and books listed as available for purchase online 24/7.

    Currently no major problems have been experienced with deliveries to UK addresses but there are some delays to International addresses due to COVID-19 safety measures. UPS is currently not accepting parcels for International delivery until the backlog has been cleared but other couriers are working as normal (e.g. FedEx). 


  2. Courier Deliveries during Coronavirus Emergency

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    Please note that increasing numbers of UK Couriers are reporting delays to International Deliveries due to restrictions imposed in many countries due to the Coronavirus. Please check with your country's Couriers for the latest situation affecting your region. Please expect delays to the usual International Shipping delivery times. 

    Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books will endeavour to maintain International Deliveries unless restrictions are introduced by the UK Authorities.

    Thank you.

    Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books


  3. Coronavirus Emergency

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    Please note that the Online Shop is currently open as usual during the Coronavirus Emergency. 

    If any government or operational restrictions come into force then the situation will be amended accordingly and this fact will be notified here.

    Wishing all customers and visitors good health and good luck during this exceptional period. 

    Thank you.

    Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books


  4. Free Worldwide Delivery for Unframed Paintings

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    Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books has decided to offer the option of Free Worldwide delivery on all Unframed Paintings if preferred. Unless specified all paintings will be shipped framed and the appropriate shipping charge will be applied.

    The cost of shipping framed, glazed paintings can be very high and obviously a somewhat risky operation considering the fragility of glazed frames and the limitations of Courier insurance cover. 

    Shipping unframed will save the purchaser the added expense and will give the opportunity of framing the painting to your own requirements and preferences but, of course, this will incur additional expense in reframing.

    If you wish to avail of this option please state this when making your purchase and set the Shipping charge to zero. Otherwise, the stated Shipping charge to your country of residence will apply as detailed in your item's listing and the painting will be shipped fully framed.

    In certain cases it may not be possible to ship a painting unframed and I will advise you in such cases and offer the various options available. 

    Shipping charges for Books to Worldwide will be as stated in the item listing. 

    Please contact if you have any queries.

    Thank you.