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Selling Art

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Lots of people contact me regarding selling a work of art that they have at home. In some cases, I am interested in buying the work but often I have to decline. 

My general advice if you wish to sell a work is to get a valuation from your local auction house. They will give a guide price based on their valuation and expectation and that will give you an idea. If you decide to go ahead then you have to accept the risk that the work may sell for a lower price than you had hoped and so you need to protect the work with a reserve price. In any event you will also be faced with a deduction of commission and general charges from the sale (hammer) price. Everything comes down to the day of the auction and whether there is any interest in your work which may lead to competition between bidders which will lead to a better final selling price.

The more valuations you get the better the true valuation.

I am, however, very happy to give a valuation of your art work and in some cases may be interested in purchasing. Please contact me with details and images via email at [email protected]

Thank you.

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