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Falkingbridge1 and Falkingbridge2

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A few customers have enquired regarding the significance or meaning of Falkingbridge1 and Falkingbridge2 so I think this is a good opportunity to explain the connection.
The name Falkingbridge relates to my grandmother's family in the Whitby area of North Yorkshire which can be traced back through several generations to William Falkingbridge born 20th October 1777.
The title Falkingbridge1 was selected as the Identity for my first eBay account in remembrance of my grandmother and when I progressed to another eBay business account it was a natural progression to select the Identity as Falkingbridge2. My grandmother and grandfather were particularly important in my early years and so their memory can be kept alive by the daily use of these two account names.
Hope this helps to explain the significance of the names Falkingbridge1 and Falkingbridge2.
Any visiting members of the Falkingbridge lineage, or relatives thereof, are welcome to contact me.
Roger Fuller,
Proprietor, Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books.  


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