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New Barbaro paintings.

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Four more Barbaro watercolours have been added to the Giovanni Barbaro pages (access from the Menu). They have been entered on page 2. Please click here to go to the page. They are an interesting collection as they appear to have been painted in the same location near the banks of the River Nile. The frequently seen main character also appears again which is an interesting aspect of Barbaro's Egyptian themed works. Another spectacular sunset scene is also included which illustrates the technical abilty of Barbaro in capturing the wonderful colour and atmosphere of a desert sunset.

Another interesting aspect of this collection is the similarity of the location and stance of the characters to some of the works by Hassan el Yashmid as previously mentioned in this blog. See the previous blog dated 24.5.2012.

Please watch the Barbaro pages as they will be updated as new works become available.

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