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Barbaro paintings at auction.

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This has been a good week for Barbaro works with a total of 6 watercolours coming to market. 3 still-life studies of various fruit combinations, 2 studies of Mediterranean maidens (thought to be studies of Amy Barbaro) and a classic "Camel rider with mosque and city beyond" watercolour with bodycolour highlights signed Giovanni Barbaro Italy which usually indicates pre-1900. Displayed within a classic period gilt mount. The latter achieved within £300-£500 estimate which was a good price considering the 180mm x 405mm dimensions. The still-lifes achieved within estimate but the pair of portraits didn't reach estimate which was good for the buyer. This week proves that there is a growing demand for Barbaro works.  Also, amazingly, a pair of Hassan el Yashmid watercolours (yes, watercolours not prints) appeared at auction in the traditional period ebonized frames and achieved a good price. Further details on these in due course.

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  1. roger

    Hi Tom, Yes I know the episode well. It's a classic for Barbaro collectors. The episode is actually at least 2 years old and so doesn't really reflect the current state of the market but I agree entirely that it doesn't say much for the "expert's research or knowledge. I agree that the painting should be worth that amount but unfortunately the market rules - a few days ago a Barbaro still-life "Yellow Roses" (33"x13") sold on eBay for £110 and a couple of weeks ago a still-life "Fruit and Grapes" sold for £75 at auction in Derbyshire. It would be interesting to know how much the elderly couple actually got at auction if they decided to sell. My best buy to date for a Dudley is £40.- which I won at auction in Oxford. The bargains are out there and well worth going for. Roger.

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  2. tom

    Just watched an episode of antiques roadshow where an elderly couple bring along two A Dudley works. Both still life (fruit) one a print valued 25 pounds and the other slightly larger valued at 2000 pounds. Our resident antiques roadshow so-called expert failed to mention alias names and gave me the impression he had no knowledge of Dudley aka Barbaro!! The valuation was very generous but imo worth every penny however you have to question the expert's and indeed the BBC's research on the artist.

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