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Barbaro Italian scene.

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Here is an image of the Italian street scene sent by Tom in Melbourne.


Giovanni Barbaro watercolour, possibly an Amalfi street scene. c1890.


This is a very interesting study and unusual for Barbaro. It appears to be an Italian street scene and could well be an Amalfi street scene. c1890. As is fairly common with Barbaro's paintings, there could be descriptive text verso but this is sealed within the frame. Please note that I have taken the liberty of modifying and brightening the colours of the image above to give a better image. The details below are as received from Tom in his email. 

Tom has since confirmed that the above image is correct.


More details below :  


Giovanni Barbaro's signature.

Barbaro's signature.


Barbaro - houses in detail.

The houses across the square in detail.


Barbaro - figures in detail.

The figures in detail.


Barbaro - the doorway.

The doorway.


Barbaro - detail of roof.

Detail of the small side roof or could it be a sign with script?


Barbaro - detail of figure.

Detail of the figure.


Barbaro - buildings in detail.

Buildings detail.


Barbaro - building in detail.

Thanks to Tom Daly for these images.



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