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Art works offered for sale.

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The art works offered for sale on this site are offered as described in the lot description. In many cases the paintings are in frames whch have seen better days. Obviously, a 19th Century painting in its original frame will have many defects such as scratches, chips, loss of gilding or decoration to name but a few possibilities. The options for me as an art dealer are to a) sell the art work as it is or b) restore the art work and reframe it. If I were to opt for the latter then I would have to decide on the style of frame etc and go to the expense of reframing and replacing the mounts etc. This additional work would have to be added to the price of the art work. The choice of frame is a personal decision and varies considerably from person to person. Considering these factors, I made the decision to sell the art works in their existing condition. In cases where the frames are in such bad condition as to be detrimental to the safety of the art work then the frame will be removed and the art work offered for sale unframed.
In any event, all art works offered for sale on this site can be purchased unframed if this is the customer's preference. In many ways this is the best option as it gives the buyer the opportunity to carefully examine the art work before it is framed and to make a personal choice regarding the type of frame to be fitted. It will also reduce shipping costs which is a big factor if the art work is being shipped abroad.
Please consider this when purchasing an art work and please contact me for any advice and quotes for the various shipping options available. 



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