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Amy Barbaro watercolour

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David Knapman, England, has been in contact to advise that he has purchased a watercolour painting of Amy Barbaro in an Orange Grove which he is very happy to share with other Giovanni Barbaro collectors and enthusiasts. Please view the images below :


Amy Barbaro in an orange grove, watercolour on paper. 

The painting is signed G. Barbaro. Framed. Dimensions : 240mm x 170mm. 


Amy Barbaro in an Orange Grove.


Many thanks to David. The image will be added to the Barbaro page.





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  1. Christine Wilson

    How do you know it is of Amy? Does it say that anywhere on the piece? I?d love to know what she looks like... I too have just purchased a watercolor painting by Giovanni and was hoping my picture was of his wife Amy however my picture is of a blonde lady. Reply : As you will know from the details in my bio of Giovanni, his wife Amy Dawson was from Newcastle area. I do not have a painting of Amy which actually states it is a portrait of Amy but I can see that the vast majority of these portraits are of the same woman at various ages. Although some early paintings probably depict his sister or relatives in Amalfi all the later images are very similar. I have researched this for many years but there is still much more to be found. I will contact you by email.

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