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» Listings for January 2014

  1. 1 x Arthur Dudley still-life with watermelon, cherries, oranges, jug and foliage, watercolour on wove, 460mm x 720mm, framed and glazed, at auction Dominic Winter 5th Feb, lot #11. Estimate £200-£300.

    2 x G. Barbaro still-lifes, 340mm x 790mm and 305mm x 750mm, watercolours, framed and glazed, at auction Dominic Winter 5th Feb, lot # 12. Estimate £150-£200.

    See auctioneer's website for details.  

  2. Further confirmation of Amy Dawson from April :

    I think you have heard from a fellow-researcher (Margaret Fay) the news below - but if not, here it is. It certainly is the last bit of the jig-saw which confirms that Amy Dawson became Amy Barbaro. Her father died on 14 April 1904 and one of the people awarded probate was his other daughter - Edith Gertrude Dawson b. abt 1874 - she was unmarried and living on her own in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1911 census but there is no indication that she was also an artist (their father's personal effects when he died was abt £200,000 in today's money). - best wishes, April
    Newcastle Courant dated Saturday 1st January 1898. It states marriage on the 10th instant, (must mean Dec 1897) at the Municipality Rome and church of Ss. Vincenso & Anastasio, Amy daughter of Edward Dawson of Whitley to Giovanni son of Dona Maria and the late Don Leopoldo Barbaro of Amalfi, Italy.
  3. Very pleased to announce that today I have been contacted by Margaret Fay to advise that she has discovered the following Marriage Announcement in the archives of the Newcastle Courant dated Saturday 1st January 1898 :

    On the 10th December, 1897, at the Municipality, Rome, and church of SS. Vincenzo and Anastasio, Amy, daughter of  Mr. Edward Dawson of Whitley, to Giovanni, son of Dona Maria and the late Don Leopoldo Barbaro of Amalfi, Italy.    

    Many thanks to Margaret for sharing this information and solving the mystery of Amy and Giovanni's marriage.

    The biography of Giovanni Barbaro will now be updated.

  4. Have received information today from a collector in South Africa that 2 of the Bedouin series watercolours have been found in a local 2nd hand dealership and depict scenes in the vicinity of Damietta. They are framed and in good condition with the same style signature common to this series.

    I have seen other Barbaro works available in South Africa so it seems that they have probably travelled down from the north during Colonial times. Worth looking out for if you're in that region. 

    Reports of any findings welcome.