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  1. Please note that any enquiries or replies to requests/deposits may be subject to delays due to difficult operating conditions in Ranchi India. Internet comms are restricted and subject to server problems and power disruption. Please allow for this when waiting for my replies. I will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.  

  2. Having arrived in Ranchi can now appreciate the difficulties of operating locally especially regarding telecoms and transportation. This will delay my intentions regarding local sales but the situation will be updated and posted when available. Many items of local interest and a thriving art scene.

  3. I'm off to India for a period of revitalization and refreshment. During this period the Shop will be closed for purchases but if you wish to reserve an item for delivery on my return to the UK please contact me and we can arrange a holding deposit.

    During the period in Ranchi I may offer items for sale which will be dispatched from India. Please watch my website for any items or updates.

    Thank you for your custom and interest and please continue to contact me for any enquiries.

    Kind regards,


    Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books.