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  1. Please note that Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books' Shop is now open and trading as normal 24/7 online at http://www.ranchiartandbooks.co.uk/ourshop/ for delivery Worldwide. 

    With the forthcoming Christmas and New Year Holidays, orders made today will be delivered by the end of December 2016 in the UK and by the end of the first week of 2017 Worldwide. Orders made during the holiday period will be dispatched at the first opportunity depending on courier availability and delivery advice will be given asap.

    Thank you for your interest and look forward to being of service in the New Year.  

  2. Please note the shop is closed for purchases until further notice. 

    Items may still be reserved for delivery at a later date by payment of a small deposit. Please contact me for more info or to make a deposit payment. Items for sale from Ranchi will still be available for immediate purchase - such items will be indicated in the listing. 

    Other services offered by Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books will continue as normal.

    Thank you for your interest. 

  3. Please note that the Shop is now open as normal. Purchases can be made directly from the website and payments made by PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. You can make your choice of payment method at the check-out. UK residents can also make cheque payments or take advantage of our monthly payment service (delivery will not be made in these cases until cheque has cleared or full payments made).

    Please contact for further information.

  4. This year the Festival of Holi and Easter have fallen on the same weekend and so celebrations will be held in both India and the UK.

    Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books wishes all customers and visitors a Happy Holi and a Happy Easter.

    Orders will be taken as usual during this period but the earliest disatch date will be Tuesday 29th March due to the Bank Holiday in the UK.

    Thank you.




  5. Lots of people contact me regarding selling a work of art that they have at home. In some cases, I am interested in buying the work but often I have to decline. 

    My general advice if you wish to sell a work is to get a valuation from your local auction house. They will give a guide price based on their valuation and expectation and that will give you an idea. If you decide to go ahead then you have to accept the risk that the work may sell for a lower price than you had hoped and so you need to protect the work with a reserve price. In any event you will also be faced with a deduction of commission and general charges from the sale (hammer) price. Everything comes down to the day of the auction and whether there is any interest in your work which may lead to competition between bidders which will lead to a better final selling price.

    The more valuations you get the better the true valuation.

    I am, however, very happy to give a valuation of your art work and in some cases may be interested in purchasing. Please contact me with details and images via email at [email protected]

    Thank you.

  6. It's always interesting to get feedback from customers and from visitors to the website - I often wonder what has happened to the paintings that are sold and whether they continue to provide enjoyment for the purchaser as every painting has a story to tell and a life that extends much beyond the usual human life-span.

    Any such comments are very welcome and can be made on the Contact Us page at this link 

    or on the:           Blog Comments



    There is also the Customer Survey which can be quickly completed (10 questions) which will help to give a good idea on the satisfaction or otherwise offered by this website and the works offered for sale - this can be accessed at :        this link


    A lot of items offered for sale on this website are also available in my Ebay Store which can be accessed at :       this link



    The Feedback given by Ebay customers also gives a good indication of the level of service and quality of the items purchased and this can be viewed at :       this link


    I look forward to your comments and any ideas or suggestions are very welcome.

    Thank you for your continuing support and interest.

    Best wishes,

    Roger Fuller

    Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books.