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  3. Following from this morning's post, here is an interesting description of a lithograph which was on sale last year of the original watercolour by  Victor E. Pickup which detailed various links to Yashmid and thence on to Barbaro:


    Here is an Absolutely Beautiful Vintage Circa 1924 Circular Color Halftone Lithograph Egyptian scene titled “The Water Seller”, by the artist ‘Victor E. Pickup’ (AKA Hassan El Yashmid, fl. 1900-1930) whose printed signature appears lower right in the image along with the date ‘1923’, and whose name via research appears to be the Anglicized pseudonym name of ‘Hassan El Yashmid [or sometimes Yasmid]’, and may be another pseudonym for the English artist Arthur Dudley whose other possible pseudonym may be Giovanni Barbaro, which is strange, but was not uncommon for some artists to have multiple pseudonyms back in the day (who knows???). ‘Copyright the British Art Company Ltd.’, as appears printed very tiny is a semi-circle in the upper middle just above the image. The title appears printed lower middle in the outer margin area. The Print is on a nice heavy-weight ivory wove paper stock that features a nice square blind-embossed plate mark around the image for decorative purposes. The Print is in Excellent Rare+ condition for its vintage age with Absolutely No Color Fade! Gorgeous rich color & tones. This Print has been tucked away in our archive amongst other prints & lithos since it was purchased by the Meibohm family and hasn’t seen the light of day in all this time—it’s as beautiful as the day it was printed and is as good as any collector could hope to find in its original never-framed condition—Simply beautiful! The sheet size with wide margins is 22-1/2” x 17-7/16”, Image size is 12” in diameter, the Blind-embossed plate mark is 15” x 14” (doesn’t show up in photo). No Tears! No creasing at all in the image area! Extremely minimal (only a handful) of tiny faint foxing specks here & there on the sheet which aren’t even really noticeable and aren’t even worth mentioning. Extremely minimal slight small crescent-creases here & there in the outer margin areas, some creases along a few edges and some dog-ear creasing in the outer margin corners—all of which are basically negligible since the outer margins can easily be trimmed off or matted & framed out. Slight normal toning of the stock from age. Some light topical soiling from age (lightly grubby) in the upper outer margin area from being handled and from being in a drawer this whole time amongst other lithos & prints. There are eight tiny pin-holes here & there in all four outer margin corner areas, which I believe may have been used for the lithographic registration pin-holes when the piece was originally printed (not sure???)—also negligible. This gorgeous vintage print has never been framed which is always more desirable to collectors since it has never been exposed to older non-archival materials, matburn or lightfade.



  4. Links to original comment posted on 5:09pm Thursday 24th May 2012 :
    Susan Robertson   [email protected]

    FYI- Hassan el Yashmid worked under the name of Victor E. Pickup as well. See Waddington's auction coming up 02/25/2016 American and Modern online auction where we have a pair of oils depicting a North American Indian in canoe.

    Thanks for your message Susan. Yes, we have now accepted that el Yashmid was probably an alias of Victor E Pickup. The style is very clear. Thanks for your interest.