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Whitby Harbour Old Bridge, watercolour, signed K Hall, c1880.

Whitby Harbour Old Bridge, watercolour, K. Hall, c1880.

 The Wonder Book of Why & What? edited by Harry Golding. c1930

The Wonder Book, c1930.

 Heinrich Zille. Studien, 1949.

Heinrich Zille, Studien. 1949.

 Bouley Bay, Jersey, watercolour on paper, attributed to Garman Morris. c1930.

Bouley Bay, Jersey, attrib Garman Morris. c1930.

 Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches, H&S, 1959.

Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches by M.Thomas. 1959.

 The Trees and Shrubs, Blanche Henrey

Trees and Shrubs, Blanche Henrey. 1944.

 River Landscape with Windmill, watercolour, signed George Oyston, c1920.

River Landscape with Windmill, George Oyston. c1920.

 Orientalist study, Figures by the Water, watercolour, signed A. Marchettini. c1890.

Orientalist, Figures by the Water, A. Marchettini. c1890.

 English Landscape, watercolour and pencil, signed Dudley Tennant, c1930.

English Landscape, Dudley Tennant. c1930.




The Wonder Book of Nature for Boys and Girls, Edited by Harry Golding, 7th Edition. c1927.

The Wonder Book of Nature, Edited Harry Golding, 7th Edition, 1927.


 Domestic Riverside Landscape, watercolour, signed C.E. Donner 1921.

Domestic River Landscape, C.E. Donner 1921.

 The Pharaohs by Lionel Casson 1984.

The Pharaohs, Lionel Casson. 1984.

 Dresden Photographs.



Dresden Photographic Album, DDR, c1960.



TH Victor, St. Michael's Mount, watercolour, signed TH Victor, c1930.

St. Michael's Mount, watercolour, titled, signed TH Victor. c1930.

Bay of Naples with Vesuvius, gouache on paper, unsigned. c1900.

Bay of Naples with Vesuvius, gouache on paper, unsigned, c1900.


Near Arthurs Seat, watercolour, signed H.J.W. 1879.

Near Arthur's Seat, Mahableshwar, April 12 1879, watercolour, signed H.J.W.



Capri Viewed from Sorrento Peninsula at Dusk with Fishing Boat, oil on canvas, signed Costanzi Capri. c1920.

Capri Viewed from the Sorrento Peninsula, oil on canvas, titled Capri and signed Costanzi, c1920.


Evening River Landscape with Cattle, watercolour on paper, attributed to Edwin Earp. c1900.







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