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Aldred, Cyril. Tutankhamun's Egypt. BBC. 1972 1st Reprint. Good. £10.00

Cowdrey, Colin. Cricket Today. Arthur Barker Ltd. 1961 1st Edn. Good. No DJ. £10.00

Denis, Michaela. Leopard in my Lap. The Companion B.C. London. 1956. Ist B.C. Edn. Good. B & W + Colour photos by Armand Denis. £10.00

Frick Curatorial Staff. The Frick Collection, Handbook of Paintings. The Frick Collection. 1994. 0912114096. Good. £10.00

Gerard Smith, N. Dahlias For All. Faber & Faber. 1952 1st Edn. Good. £10.00

Hammond, Muriel. Cathedrals of Britain. Ian Allan. 1963. 1st Edn. Good. £10.00

Holland, C. Things Seen in Paris. Seeley, Service & Co. 1953. Quite good. £10.00

Jeans, Sir James. The Mysterious Universe. U.P. Cambridge 1942. 2nd Edn. 7th Reprint. Good. £10.00

Johns, Rev. C.A. Flowers of the Field. Soc. For Promoting Christian Knowledge. 1919. 64 colour plates. Good. £10.00

Lawrenson, David. The Rugby League Miscellany. VSP 2007. 1st. ISBN 1905326300. Good. DJ Good. £10.00

Mackinnon, Donald. Education in the UK. Facts and Figures. Hodder & Stoughton with OU. 1999. ISBN 034062101X. Good. (Ex-Library). £10.00

Maier, Daniel. Footypedia. Century 2008. 1st. ISBN 9781846053818. Good. DJ Good. £10.00

Moody, Raymond A. The Light Beyond.(N.D.E's). The Leisure Circle Ltd., 1988. Good. £10.00

Newkey-Burden, C. Amy Winehouse. John Blake. 2008 1st Edn. Good. £10.00

Shabistari, Mahmud. The Secret Garden (J.Pasha). Octagon. 1969 1st Edn. Quite Good. £10.00

Simpson, Alan. Stacking the Decks. NDCRC. 1981. 1st Edn. ISBN 0950762709. Good. (Ex-Library). £10.00

Titmus, C. Buddha's Book of Daily Meditations. Rider 2001. Good. £10.00

Wilson, Colin. Afterlife. Harrap Ltd., 1985. 1st Edn. 0245542450. Good. £10.00



"Make an Offer"


Greig, Charlotte. A Girl's Guide to Modern European Philosophy. Profile Books. 2007. Very Good. £10.00

Hammerton, J.A. Masterpiece Library of Short Stories, XV American. Educational Book Co.,1900. Quite Good. £10.00

Jacob, Naomi. The Irish Boy. The Book Club. (Hutchinson). 1954. DJ. Quite Good. £10.00

Kerouac, Jack. Mexico City Blues (Allen Ginsberg). Shambhala. 1996. Good. £10.00

Du Maurier, Daphne. Rebecca. Victor Gollancz Ltd., London. 1951. 35th Impression. Quite good. £10.00

Oppenheim, E. Phillips. Stolen Idols. Hodder & Stoughton. 1925. Quite Good. £10.00

Oppenheim, E. Phillips. The Amazing Quest of Mr Ernest Bliss. H & S. 1941. 18th Edn. Good. DJ Good.   SOLD 03.12.2014.

Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men. Pearson Education. 2001. Good. £10.00

Townsend, Sue. The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole. Methuen, 1984, 1st Edn. 5th Imp. 0413531309. Quite good. £10.00