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Guarantee of Authenticity

To whom it may concern


Up Along, Clovelly, North Devon, watercolour on paper, signed W. Sands, dated 1929 verso.


I, Roger Fuller, proprietor of Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books, do guarantee that the above mentioned painting is an original watercolour painting executed by the listed West Country artist known as W. Sands (also known as T.H. Victor - Thomas Herbert "Henry" Victor, 1894-1980).

In my opinion, based on my previous experience dealing with original works by this artist, the style of the work, handscript of the title incorporated in the painting and the signature in the lower right corner is that of the artist W. Sands.

In my opinion the work dates from c1929.

Yours sincerely,


Roger Fuller.

Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books,
25, Steinbeck Road,
NG4 1FF.





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