Postage Charges and Calculation


UK Shipping.

Note that all items addressed to a UK address are delivered Free.

Please check the total charge before proceeding.

Worldwide Shipping.

Note that the shipping charge is now listed below the item description under Europe or World. Please note this charge depending on your location and select the amount in the Check-Out. Contact if you have any queries.

Thank you.

General Guidance.

If you require further information about any items, or more detailed photographs, please contact me via this Contact Us link or email [email protected] or phone 447821953966.

Please be aware that most of the items in this shop are not new and as such will have been exposed to general usage and wear and tear. Any major defects or damages will be described in the item description but minor blemishes or abrasions may not be mentioned. Please accept this proviso when making a purchase.

All items can be delivered to the U.K. or to International destinations.

Please select your Shipping Band Charge (or the Fixed Rate Charge) as indicated at the end of the item description and select this under your country of destination at the check-out. This will then give you the total charge including shipping. Please then pay using the PayPal facility or Manual Payment (Bank Transfer) option. 

If your item weighs more than 2.000kg (4.000kg if within the U.K.) it may be necessary to contact me for a shipping quote or shipping options prior to making your purchase if the charge is not clearly indicated in the item description.  Please be guided by any alternative instructions in the item description. If, for example, you wish to purchase a painting without the frame, it will be necessary to contact me for a new quote as in most cases the shipping charge will be considerably less. 

UK Band N now offers Royal Mail "Special Delivery Next Day" (up to 15kg, but within dimension limits). If your item is within this category it will be indicated in the item description. (Free Delivery to all UK addresses).

Please contact me if you have any queries relating to the shipping charge or if you wish to discuss alternative delivery options. I will endeavour to deliver at the lowest cost to you.

Please note that the U.K. shipping charge may include Confirmed (Recorded Signed-For) if the value is above £20.00. (UK Shipping now Free for all items). However, from 26th May 2013 new UK Shipping Bands have been introduced offering 2nd Class delivery without Sign-For if preferred. These Bands will apply to items between Band A and H with the exception of Band F.  If your item states Shipping Band UK A, B, C, D, E, G or H then you can select Bands UK 2nd Class A, B, C, D, E, G or H if you prefer delivery without Signed-For. This will give a cheaper delivery charge. (This option will be automatically selected if applicable as we now offer Free Delivery to all UK addresses).  

International shipping will be by Royal Mail Standard Air Mail up to 2.000kg (or up to 5.000kg in the case of books) providing the value is less than £20.00. International Signed-For can be added to provide extra security if required at an additional charge unless already included. Items valued above £20.00 will include Tracking or Signed-For or both. Please note that if the listed Shipping Charge is not paid as stated in the listing details then the item will be dispatched by Royal Mail International Standard (without tracking or signed-for on delivery extra security) at your risk i.e. no refund if the item is lost in transit. Items above 2.000kg and outside the Royal Mail dimension limits will normally be shipped by FedEx or UPS with full tracking.

Note that any duties or taxes applied by the Customs Authorities of the buyer's country are not included in the shipping charge. Please check with your Customs Authority for details. 

With effect from 12th August 2012, items marked as "Ranchi Stock" will be shipped directly from the Ranchi Branch (Jharkhand India) of Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books by International Carrier. Further details will be advised on purchase of such items. Please note that due to Customs and Security procedures there may be extended delays in your item being dispatched from India - we will endeavour to keep you advised on the progress of your item. Please contact for more information or alternative shipping arrangements.

Any changes relating to the shipping or charging of individual items will be indicated at the end of the item description. Please be guided by these instructions. If an item is being delivered Free of Charge this will be stated at the end of the item description and in this case please select "Free Delivery" at the check-out. All items to UK addresses are delivered Free of Charge. Please check that the total charge applied is correct before completing your payment. If your item is being delivered to an International address and weighs less than 2kg and is valued at more than £20.00 please note the listed Shipping Charge includes tracking and signed-for to cover loss in transit. If the listed charge is not fully paid on purchase then the item will be dispatched at Standard International delivery at your risk i.e. no refund on loss in transit. 

The current postage rates, with effect from 22nd February 2014, are as follows. However, please note that in order to simplify the International Shipping Rates,  Fixed Rates of £4, £5, £6, etc up to £70 will be charged for newly listed items and this will be specified under Shipping Bands at the end of the listing. This system will slowly replace the previous Banding system and at this time 09.08.2017 has been completed. Please follow the Shipping Band listing according to your country i.e. UK, Europe or World. 

Please ignore the following Banding Rates if your item states the Shipping Charge in Bands in or below the item description. Please contact if you have any enquiries or requests regarding Shipping Charges or related matters/concerns. 

With effect from 9th August 2017 all the Shipping Charges have been updated and Banding now replaced by Fixed Rates listed in the item description. 

Thank you.

Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books.


Banding Rates : (These can now be ignored but will be retained for Archive reference).


U.K.  (Please note ordinary postage includes Signed-For).

Band A.                    2.50
Band B.                    2.75
Band C.                    3.25
Band D.                    3.75
Band E.                    6.50
Band F.                     8.50
Band G.                    7.00
Band H.                    9.50
Band  I .                  10.50
Band J.                   11.00
Band K.                  26.50
Band L.                   22.00
Band M.                  27.50
Band N.                  40.00
Band V.                   Contact me for quotes and options.

Fixed Rate 1.         10.00 per order.
Fixed Rate 2.         15.00
Fixed Rate 3.         20.00
Free Delivery.        Free.

With effect from 26th May 2013, following customer requests, the following new U.K. Shipping Bands have been introduced offering U.K. 2nd Class delivery without Signed-For which will give cheaper delivery on lower weight items if preferred :

UK 2nd Class A      1.20
UK 2nd Class B      1.80
UK 2nd Class C      2.30
UK 2nd Class D      3.00
UK 2nd Class E      5.60
UK 2nd Class G      6.00
UK 2nd Class H      8.40





Band A.                   3.80
Band B.                   5.20
Band C.                   7.00
Band D.                   8.00
Band E.                   9.00
Band F.                  10.00
Band G.                 11.00
Band H.                 13.00
Band  I .                 15.00
Band J.                  16.00
Band K.                 17.00
Band L.                  18.00
Band V.                  Contact me for quotes and options.

Discount Rate      20.00
Fixed Rate 1.        10.00
Fixed Rate 2.        15.00
Fixed Rate 3.        20.00
Fixed Rate 4.        30.00
Fixed Rate 5.        40.00
Free Delivery.       Free.



World 1. (Excludes Australasia).

Band A.                  5.00
Band B.                  8.00
Band C.                11.00
Band D.                12.00
Band E.                14.00
Band F.                 15.00
Band G.                16.00
Band H.                20.00
Band  I.                 25.00
Band J.                 23.00
Band K.                28.00
Band L.                 26.00
Band M.                30.00
Band V.                Contact me for quotes and options.

Discount Rate    20.00
Fixed Rate 1.       10.00
Fixed Rate 2.       30.00
Fixed Rate 3.       40.00
Fixed Rate 4.       50.00
Free Delivery.      Free.



World 2. (Australasia).

Band A.                  5.50
Band B.                  8.50
Band C.                11.50
Band D.                12.50
Band E.                15.00
Band F.                 16.00
Band G.                17.00
Band H.                21.00
Band  I.                 26.00
Band J.                 24.00
Band K.                29.00
Band L.                 27.00
Band M.                32.00
Band V.                 Contact me for quotes and options.

Discount Rate     20.00
Fixed Rate 1.       10.00
Fixed Rate 2.       30.00
Fixed Rate 3.       40.00
Fixed Rate 4.       50.00
Free Delivery.      Free.


Please contact me for any queries regarding postage or shipping. If you prefer an alternative delivery please contact me with details of your request.  Contact me.



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