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Polaris , Yamataka 1958.

Greek flagged cargo ship "Polaris", oil on canvas, signed G. Yamataka 1958.
Dimensions : Frame : 610mm x 410mm. Image : 510mm x 315mm.

Goro Yamataka (1886-1981) was a shipbuilding engineer  commissioned by  Mitsubishi to paint ships built at the Yokohama Shipyard. He produced many high-quality documentary paintings of ships, the above being a typical example.

Kilimanjaro in Chagga, unknown,.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Chagga; the two peaks Kibo and Kimawanzi. Gouache on card. Unsigned.
Dimensions : Frame : 410mm x 345mm.  Image : 248mm x 173mm.

London Bridge,  Michael Crawley, 1967.

London Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, River Thames, watercolour, signed Michael Crawley, c1967.
Dimensions : Frame : 420mm x 518mm x 20mm. Image : 250mm x 345mm.

Coaster off Cumbria.  BD Powell,  1985.

Coaster in heavy seas off Cumbria, watercolour and gouache on paper, signed Brian D. Powell, 1985.
Dimensons : Frame 515mm x 426mm x 14mm. Image : 365mm x 261mm.

Fishermen returning Whitby,  A. Smith, c1920.

Fishermen returning to Whitby, watercolour on paper, signed A.Smith, c1920.
Dimensions : Frame : 568mm x 445mm x 17mm. Image : 345mm x 220mm. 

Whitby Harbour, Falkingbridge Bar,  E. Nevil, c1880.

Whitby Harbour, watercolour and gouache on paper, titled and signed E. Nevil, c1880.
Falkingbridge Bar (large Bay Window) side of steps.

Dimensions : Frame : 435mm x 542mm x 20mm. Image : 275mm x 385mm.

Shore at Whitby, H. Moxon Cook,  1909.

On the Shore at Whitby, gouache on paper, signed H Moxon Cook. Inscribed 1909 verso.
Dimensions : Frame : 302mm x 350mm x 16mm. Image : 127mm x 175mm.

Harbour, Scarborough,  Austin Smith , 1923.

The Harbour, Scarborough, watercolour on paper, signed Austin Smith, 1923.
Dimensions : Frame : 265mm x 328mm x 18mm.  Image : 125mm x 173mm.

HMS Ophir, Royal Tour, 1901,  CWF, 1901.

HMS Ophir entering Portsmouth Harbour on the Royal Tour 1901, watercolour on paper, signed C.W.F. (Charles W. Fothergill) 1901.
Dimensions : Frame : 558mm x 446mm x 22mm. Image : 356mm x 236mm.

Steamship at anchor,  YD,  c1920.

Steamship at Anchor Discharging to Lighter, oil on board, signed monogram YD (?), c1920.
Dimensions : Frame : 366mm x 300mm x 33mm. Image : 250mm x 185mm.

Grand Harbour, Malta,  Michael Crawley,  c1990.

Grand Harbour viewed from Senglea, Malta, in the manner of D'Esposito, watercolour on paper, signed Michael Crawley, c1990.
Dimensions : 702mm x 333mm x 15mm. Image : 528mm x 150mm.

Outside Cairo, Michael Crawley, c1990.

"Outside, Cairo", (Cairo Citadel and Mamluk Tombs), watercolour on paper, signed Michael Crawley, c1990.
Frame : 495mm x 645mm x 18mm. Image : 290mm x 450mm.

Old Street scene, Naples,  Y. Gianni,  c1900.

Old Street Scene in Naples, gouache on paper, signed Y. Gianni, 19th/20th Century Neapolitan School, c1900.
Dimensions : Frame : 584mm x 400mm x 19mm. Image : 495mm x 315mm.

Bay of Naples, M. Gianni,  c1900.

Coastal View, Bay of Naples, with Mt. Vesuvius steaming in background. Gouache on paper, signed M. Gianni, c1900.
Dimensions : Frame : 588mm x 398mm x 20mm. Image : 507mm x 319mm.

Coastal scene, signed Riva,  c1900.

Italian Coastal Scene, Bay of Naples, gouache on paper, signed Riva. c1900.
Dimensions : Frame : 485mm x 385mm x 45mm. Image : 240mm x 158mm.

Lone traveller, signed Jamrack,  c1880.

Lone Traveller with Camel, watercolour and gouache on paper, signed Jamrack (G. Jamrack, British 19th C Orientalist). c1880.
Dimensions : Frame : 421mm x 318mm x 22mm.  Image : 224mm x 125mm.

The Watering Place, JW Hepple,  1915.

North African Oasis, "The Watering Place", watercolour on paper, signed J.W. Hepple 1915. Framed and glazed.
Dimensions : Frame : 331mm x 420mm x 18mm.  Image : 175mm x 250mm.

Arabian scene at Dusk,  Fred Alders,  c1930.

Arabian Scene at Dusk with Figures and Camels resting near Ancient Ruins, gouache on paper, signed Fred. Alders. c1930.
Dimensions : Frame : 440mm x 690mm x 10mm.  Image : 245mm x 495mm.

Arabs in conversation,  W. Muller,  1843.

Arabs in Conversation in a Ruined Temple (titled verso), oil on wood panel, signed W. Muller (William James Muller 1812-1845), 1843.
Dimensions : 205mm x 165mm x 6mm.

N. African street scene,  signed Schmidt,  c1930.

 North African Street Scene with Figures, watercolour and gouache on paper, signed Schmidt. c1930.
Dimensions : Frame : 400mm x 543mm x 22mm.  Image : 281mm x 423mm. 

Behind Queensferry,  W. Muller, 1839.

Behind Queensferry, watercolour on paper, titled by artist lower lh corner and signed W. Muller lower rh corner. 1839.
Dimensions : Frame : 360mm x 410mm x 20mm. Image : 150mm x 195mm.

Black Gate, WJM,  W. Muller,  c1835.

The Black Gate, Castle Garth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, watercolour and graphite on paper, signed faintly initials WJM (William James Muller) lower rh corner. c1835.
Dimensions : Frame : 435mm x 348mm x 15mm.  Image : 240mm x 166mm.

ss Penrith Castle, unsigned. c1910.

ss Penrith Castle, Chambers & Co. Ltd., Liverpool, arriving at port, gouache on paper. Unsigned - A Follower of Antonio Simone, c1910.
Dimensions : Frame : 407mm x 344mm x 14mm. Image : 198mm x 138mm.

The Old Bridge, Lady Bay,  W. Fred. Austin,  c1870.

The Old Bridge, Lady Bay, Nottingham, also known as Lady Bay Bridge, watercolour, pen and ink on paper, signed Wm. Fred Austin. c1870.
Dimensions : Frame : 515mm x 377mm x 21mm. Image : 375mm x 235mm.

Westcliffe, Essex, signed Louis Burleigh Bruhl,  c1900.

Westcliffe, Essex, watercolour on paper with gouache highlights, signed Louis Burleigh Bruhl (1862-1942), c1900.
Dimensions : Frame : 225mm x 488mm x  32mm.  Image : 140mm x 405mm.

Lakeside landscape,  signed Edwin Earp,  c1900.

Continental Lakeside Landscape, watercolour on paper heightened with white gouache, signed Edwin Earp. c1900.
Dimensions : Frame : 375mm x 615mm x 22mm. Image : 150mm x 445mm.

River Trent, Frank Mason,  c1920.

On the River Trent near Gainsborough Lincolnshire, watercolour on paper pasted to board, signed Frank Mason (Frank Henry Algernon Mason), c1920.
Dimensions : 305mm x 380mm x 15mm. Image : 150mm x 225mm.
SOLD 22.01.2014

Egyptian Street scene, water carrier,  Giovanni Barbaro, c1900.

Egyptian Street Scene with Water-carrier, watercolour on paper pasted to acid-board, signed Giovanni Barbaro. c1900.
Dimensions : Image : 728mm x 318mm.

Fez, Morocco, Giovanni Barbaro,  c1900.

"Fez, Morocco", watercolour on paper, signed Giovanni Barbaro, c1900. Titled verso.
Dimensions : Frame : 406mm x 586mm x 20mm.  Image : 200mm x 378mm.

Oddicombe Bay,  Garman Morris,  c1900.

Oddicombe Bay near Torquay, South Devon, gouache on paper, signed Garman Morris. c1900.
Dimensions : Frame : 319mm x 569mm x 30mm. Image : 245mm x 495mm.
SOLD 16.08.2016

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