Recently Sold Art 2021-22

Adventurer in Full Sail, 1872, gravure print, c1980.

Adventurer in Full Sail, 1872, gravure print. Edwardian Miniatures, Art Marketing. c1980. Framed. SOLD 20.04.2022.

Grand Harbour, Valletta, Jos. Galea, 1965.

The Grand Harbour, Valletta, watercolour on card, signed Jos. Galea Malta 1965.
SOLD 10.04.2022.

Gillingham Bridge, John Constable, 1823, offset-litho print, 20thC.

Gillingham Bridge, Dorset, offset-litho of original oil on canvas, signed John Constable 1823. Framed. SOLD 25.12.2021.

Hedley Carrington, The Shambles, York, watercolour.
    SOLD 21.12.2021

Bakewell, watercolour, WH Pigott, 1882.

Bakewell, from the River Wye, watercolour on paper, signed W.H. Pigott, 1882.
SOLD 01.12.2021

ss Recorder, watercolour, Muscat, K. Glen,  c1985.

ss Recorder, Charente Steamship Co., working cargo at Muscat, c1948, watercolour, signed K. Glen. c1985.
SOLD 26.10.2021


Old Newark Castle, CPT, c1835.

Old Castle Newark, watercolour over pencil on paper, signed initials C.P.T. (Charles Pratt Terrot) c1835. Framed.

SOLD 10.10.2021

Old Bridge Selby, etching,  c1920.

Old Bridge Selby Yorkshire, etching on paper, titled and signed in pencil, c1920. Framed. SOLD 01.10.2021

St. Malo, W. Kozak, 1984.

St. Malo, France, pen, ink and watercolour, signed W. Kozak 1984.
SOLD 26.06.2021.

HMS Victory, oil, signed A.W. 1912.

H.M.S. Victory at Moorings, Portsmouth Harbour, oil on board, signed A.W. 1912. Attrib. Aileen Wyllie.
SOLD 24.06.2021

Chobham Surrey CE Donner 1924

Chobham Surrey, riverside landscape with figure, watercolour, signed C.E. Donner 1924. Original frame.
SOLD 14.06.2021

I. Cafieri, oil, c1985.

Tyrolean Landscape, oil on canvas, signed I. Cafieri. c1985.

SOLD 24.05.2021

Menton Harbour, A. Hobson, 1926.

Menton Harbour and Town, French Riviera, watercolour on paper, signed and dated A. Hobson 1926. Framed.
SOLD 08.05.2021

Afghan Village, Qurban Ali, c1950.

Afghan village scene with figures, oil on canvas, signed Qurban Ali, c1950.

SOLD 03.05.2021


WH Pigott , 1895.

Trinity Church, Stratford on Avon, Nov. 9th. 1895, watercolour, signed W.H. Pigott 95.
SOLD 19.04.2021

Still-life study of Roses

Still-life study of Roses in a Vase, offset-lithograph from original oil painting signed Albert Williams c 1980. Framed.
SOLD 28.03.2021

Ukiyo-e, Genji and Women catching Fireflies, woodblock.

Ukiyo-e, Genji and Women Catching Fireflies, woodblock print, Toyohara Kunichika 1861. SOLD 28.02.2021

P. Jeannotte, Waterlooville, 1984.

Waterlooville Village, Forest of Bere, c1880, watercolour on paper, signed P Jeannotte 1984. Framed.
SOLD 13.02.2021

P. Jeannotte, Nectarines, c1975.

Still-life study of Nectarines, watercolour on paper, signed P. Jeannotte, c1975. Framed. SOLD 13.02.2021

L. Burleigh Bruhl, watercolour, c1920.

Here She Comes, watercolour on paper, signed L. Burleigh Bruhl. c1920. SOLD 02.02.2021


HMS Calliope, colourlitho, 1890.

H.M.S. "Calliope", 3rd Class Cruiser, chromolithograph J.S. Virtue & Co. Ltd., 1890. SOLD 18.01.2021

A. Hulk, watercolour c1880

Fishing Boats off Combe Martin, North Devon, watercolour on paper, signed A. Hulk. c1880. SOLD 13.01.2021