Recently Sold Art (8)

Greek flagged cargo ship "Polaris", oil on canvas, signed G. Yamataka 1958. Framed.
SOLD 09.08.2017

Mousehole Cornwall, watercolour, signed TH Victor, c1960. Framed. 

In the Casbah, oil on canvas laid to board, signed monogram 19 CS 15, 1915. Original frame. 

A Quiet Smoke, Afghan smoking cigarette, oil on khadi, signed Hashim 89. 1989. 
SOLD 18.06.2017

Japanese artisan with tools, watercolour on paper, signed T. Nakayama, c1930. Framed. 
SOLD 17.06.2017

Above Greenwich, colour lithograph of watercolour signed Charles Dixon 09, 1909. Original frame. c1920.
SOLD 10.06.2017

Caliiphs Tombs with Camels and Figures, watercolour, signed H. Linton c1900. Framed.