Recently Sold Art (9)

  • Japanese woodblock prints, a pair, shin-hanga era waterside landscapes, signed in script and seal, c1920. Ebonized frames. SOLD 10.12.2020.

  • A pair of Japanese shin-hanga woodblock prints. Dimensions : Frames : 179mm x 426/428mm x 10mm. Weight : 1.160kg total. Condition : Good.


ss Crown of Cordova at Sea, gouache, signed H. Crane, c1910. Framed and glazed.
SOLD 27.10.2020

Girne Harbour, Northern Cyprus, oil on canvas, signed S. Mustafa 88. Saleh Mustafa Cizel 1988.

SOLD 19.08.2020

Arabian Scenes, a pair, gouache on board, signed F Ridgway, dated 1927. Framed
SOLD 07.07.2020

Near Dervio, Lake Como, watercolour and gouache, signed J. Shapland. c1900.
SOLD 16.06.2020.

English Landscape, watercolour and pencil, signed Dudley Tennant. c1930. Framed.
SOLD 31.05.2020.

Saint Paul's Bay, Malta, signed J. Pace. Lithograph. c1970.
SOLD 15.05.2020.

  • Oyster Watchman's House, Russel Island, Portsmouth, watercolour, inscribed verso. c1985.
    SOLD 01.05.2020.

The Blacksmith Shoeing a Horse, gravure print of original oil painting by Sir Edwin H. Landseer. Framed, c1927.
SOLD 26.04.2020.

Conversation at the Gate, watercolour, signed George Oyston. c1906. SOLD 24.04.2020.

River Thurne, Norfolk. Evening Time From My Boat "Rivers of Joy", watercolour on paper, signed Shirley Carnt. c1980.
SOLD 15.04.2020.

H.M.T. Empire Ken, pen, ink and watercolour on paper, signed Gordon T. Kell, 1953. Framed.

SOLD 08.03.2020.

SOLD 19.02.2020

River Landscape with Windmill and Village, watercolour, signed George Oyston. c1920.

SOLD 12.02.2020

Boston Market Place with St. Botolph's Church, watercolour on board signed G. Harrison 1921. Framed.
SOLD 03.01.2020.

Humber Heritage, Humber Bridge & p.s. Lincoln Castle, offset litho print of original watercolour signed D.C. Bell, signed & titled in pencil, c1981.
SOLD 30.12.2019

Sailing Ships Passing Fishing Boat on the Coast, watercolour, signed W.E.J. Dean 1942.
SOLD 16.12.2019.

Portrait of an Afghan citizen, watercolour on paper, signed Ghaussuddin, Kabul, 1966.
SOLD 28.11.2019

Venetian Lagoon Scene with Gondola and Figures, watercolour, indistinctly signed and dated 1853.
SOLD 25.11.2019



Orientalist Moroccan Street Scene with Figures, watercolour, signed A.C. Meyer (1866-1919), c1890.
SOLD 18.11.2019


Steam Drifter "Kessingland" LT210 Lowestoft, watercolour on paper, signed Perry Broad 30-8-1982.
SOLD 15.11.2019

Two Swallows chasing Insect, mixed media woodblock and gouache on rice paper, signed Ohara Koson signature and seal, c1900. Framed. SOLD 16.10.2019.


Rooster and Chicks Fighting over Moth, mixed media woodblock and gouache, signed Koson seal c1900. Original frame.
SOLD 16.10.2019


Chinese Geese, mixed media on silk, signed Ohara Shoson Koson. Original frame. c1912.
SOLD 16.10.2019.

Japan Black crow on Cherry Branch, mixed media on silk, signed Ohara Koson late 19th/early 20th Century. c1910.
SOLD 16.10.2019.

H.M.T. Empire Trooper at sea, pen, ink and watercolour on paper, signed Gordon T. Kell, & monogram GTK, dated 1953. Framed.
SOLD 06.08.2019.


Hull sidewinder trawler fishing at sea, oil on board, signed Bill Welburn 1974.
SOLD 27.07.2019.



Mdina, watercolour on card, signed A.M. Galea, Malta, 1989. 
SOLD 19.07.2019.


Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1905-1989), portrait, oil on Daler Canvas board, signed Mildred Edwards, 1964. Framed.

SOLD 11.07.2019

Hermann Goering, portrait, oil on panel, signed D Spahn. Decorative gilt Gesso frame. c1938. SOLD 19.06.2019
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Whitby Harbour Old Bridge at low tide, watercolour on paper, signed J. Syer. c1870.
SOLD 04.05.2019

A Timid Model, Papuan girl, watercolour, signed Ellis Silas, c1923. Framed.
SOLD 27.04.2019