Recently Sold Books 2021

The Iliad of Homer, Translated by Alexander Pope, The Chandos Classics, Frederick Warne, 1883.
SOLD 20.10.2021

The Auctioneers' & Estate Agents' of the U.K. Year Book 1939.

SOLD 02.10.2021.


Seven Pillars of Wisdom; A Triumph. T.E. Lawrence. BCA, London, 1973. SOLD 27.07.2021.

The Week-End Gardener, F. Hadfield Farthing, F.R.H.S., 1st Edition, Reprint Jan 1920.
SOLD 23.07.2021.

Inside U.S.A. by John Gunther. Published by Hamish Hamilton, London, 1947. 1st Edn. SOLD 29.06.2021.


Treasures of Tutankhamun, Held at the British Museum 1972, First Edition, 1972.
SOLD 04.06.2021


Heidi by Johanna Spyri, Retold for younger readers by Lavinia Derwent. Collins, 1959. 1st Edition.
SOLD 13.05.2021

Letters of Travel (1892-1913) by Rudyard Kipling, published by MacMillan & Co., London, 1920. 1st Edn.

SOLD 12.04.2021 .

The Encyclopedia of the Occult by Lewis Spence. Bracken Books, London. 1988.

SOLD 11.04.2021.

Soft Fruit Growing, Raymond Bush. Penguin Special. Published 1942, 1st Edition. Custom Binding
SOLD 11.04.2021.

Farmhouse Fare, Recipes from Country Housewives collected by Farmers Weekly, Countrywise Books, 1979.
SOLD 17.03.2021.

The Official Encyclopedia of Scotland Yard by Martin Fido and Keith Skinner, published by Virgin Publishing Ltd., 2000.
SOLD 10.03.2021

The Dangerous Skies, Air Commodore A.E. Clouston. Cassell & Co., Ltd. Reprinted August 1954. RAF Scampton Library.

SOLD 09.01.2021

Rumanian Summer, A View of the Rumanian People's Republic by Jack Lindsay & Maurice Cornforth. 1953. 1st Edn.
SOLD 14.01.2021