Recently Sold Books (5)

First Aid to the Injured, St. John Ambulance Association, Col. Sir James Cantlie, 36th Edn., 1920.

The Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyan, Kelly's Edition, In Three Parts, 1816.
SOLD 12.08.2018

Christiana & her Children at the Gate.

An Englishman In New York, Francis Marshall, G.B. Publications Ltd., London, 1949. 1st Edition.

SOLD 03.08.2018 

The Holy Roman Empire, James Bryce, D.C.L., A New Edition, MacMillan, 1912.

Decades of our Lives 80's, from the archives of The Daily Mail. 

A Book of Praise, Photographs by Harold Burdekin, 1948, 1st Edition. 

Daily Mail Annual for Boys and Girls, Edited by Susan French, 1947. 1st Edition.
SOLD 28.10.2017
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