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Unseen Adventures by Geraldine Cummins. An Autobiography Covering 34 Years of Work in Psychical Research. Special Edition for The Psychic Book Club, 48, Old Bailey, London, E.C.4. Published by Rider and Company, 47, Princes Gate, London, S.W.7. Printed in GB by The Anchor Press Ltd., Tiptree, Essex.First Edition 1951.

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Das Schoene Wien in Photographien von Bruno Reiffenstein, 1928. 1st Edition. Verlag Dr. Hans Epstein, Wien, 1928.
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A Text Book of Materia Medica (Crude Drugs) by Henry G. Greenish, F.I.C., F.L.S., 4th Edition, 1924.
SOLD  04.12.2015
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Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Edward Fitzgerald, illustrated by Edmund Dulac, 1910.
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The A.B.C. of Bulbs and Corms by W.E. Shewell-Cooper. H & S Ltd., 1948. 1st Edn.
SOLD  13.01.2016
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Sneeze and Be Slain by Norman Hunter, Drawings by Babette Cole. 1980 1st Edition. SOLD 23.01.2016.
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Ward Lock's Red Guide Channel Islands, 20th Edn. Revised 1930. SOLD 13.03.2016.
Book of Magic. Illustrated. Complete Tricks. Amusing & Instructive. Published by The Daisy Bank Printing & Publishing Co., Wellington Street, Gorton, Manchester. Telephone No. 696 Openshaw.1900.

SOLD  23.03.2016.

Birds of an Indian Garden by T. Bainbrigge Fletcher, Illustrated by C.M. Inglis. Calcutta, 1936, 2nd Edition.

SOLD 02.04.2016.

The Wonder Book of Why & What? edited by Harry Golding, 11th Edition, c1930.
SOLD 01.05.2016

Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there, Lewis Carroll. Illustrated Justin Todd. Published Victor Gollancz Ltd. 1986.

Luton, The Story of Luton, James Dyer, Frank Stygall, John Dony, 1964.1st. Edition. 

The Blue Circle Magazine, Vol. 1 July 1925 - October 1926, Portland House, 1926.

Wayside and Woodland Trees. A Pocket Guide to the British Sylva. Edward Step, F.L.S., c1904.

Siegfried's Journey, 1916-1920, Siegfried Sassoon, 1945. 1st. Edition.

Seventy Years in Shipping, Desmond I. Williams. 1st. Edition, signed. 

Ten Little Silver Coins by Dorothy M Prescott, Illustrated by John Woods, 1964. 1st Edn.
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SOLD  03.05.2017

Tales of Old Inns, Trust Houses Ltd., Illustrated by WM Keesey, 1927. 1st Edn.
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SOLD  04.05.2017

Hancock's Half Hour, Ray Galton & Alan Simpson, 1974 1st. Edn.

The Book of Authors, William Clark Russell, Frederick Warne & Co., 1869, 1st Edition.
SOLD  02.09.2017
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