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A. Coppola, a pair gouache studies, Bay of Naples and Amalfi, c1890.

A pair of 19th C Neapolitan School Views of Bay of Naples and Amalfi, gouache on paper, one signed A. Coppola. c1890.
See listing SOLD 19.09.2015.

Joseph Galea, Malta, 1970, Valletta in Moonlight, oil on canvas.
Valletta in Moonlight , oil on canvas, signed Jos. Galea Malta 1970. Framed.
SOLD 25.09.2015.
Edward Nevil, fl1880-1900, Arabian scene, figures and camel, watercolour, signed, c1890.
Arabian Scene with Figures and Camel, watercolour on paper, signed E. Nevil (Edward Nevil, Victorian watercolourist, prolific 1880-1900), c1890.
Framed and glazed.
SOLD 07.10.2015.

H.M.S. Chrysanthemum berthed at the Embankment, near Greyfriars Bridge, London, ahead of H.M.S. President, watercolour on paper, signed A. Nikolsky 1964. Framed and glazed.

See Listing  SOLD 17.10.2015.

Canine Art. Did something move? Oil on board, signed Roger Heaton 76. 1976. Framed.
See Listing SOLD 17.10.2015.

ss Strathallan leaving port with tugs in attendance, watercolour and gouache on paper, signed Ellis Silas, c1939. Framed and glazed.
See Listing  SOLD 19.10.2015
Minesweeper, Steam Trawler Stratherrick, A105, minesweeping off the coast, 1914. Watercolour and gouache, inscribed verso by R. Gurnell. 1914.
See Listing SOLD 22.10.2015.
mv British Knight, BP Tanker at Sea, watercolour, pen and ink on paper, signed W. Hodgson 2nd Mate British Knight. Original unopened frame. c1955.

SOLD  22.10.2015.

St. Ives, watercolour on paper, signed W. Sands, c1920. Framed, Boots label verso.
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Old Wharf Mousehole with St. Michael's Mount, watercolour, titled, signed T.H. Victor, c1950. Framed.
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Panoramic black and white vintage photographic print of Bergen, Norway, issued by Eneberettiget Mittet & Co., Norway, framed in original glazed carved wood frame. c1910.
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Der Schwarzwald, impasto oil on canvas, signed R. Seidel 69 (1969). 20th Century German School.
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Busy Spanish town square, watercolour on paper, signed by G. Molina. c1960. 20th Century Spanish School. Framed and glazed. (Guillermo Molina 1904-1975).

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River Don Industrial Scene, Sheffield, watercolour on paper, signed F. North (Frank North) c1960. SOLD 05.12.2015.

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Windermere from Baron's Field, oil on canvas, signed T.E. Grimshaw. Framed. c1960.
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Red Fuji - Aka Fuji
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The Great Wave off Kanagawa - Kanagawa oki nami-ura.
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Fisherman and Child on a Rock casting net into the swollen river - Koshu, Kajikazawa.
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Viewing Sunset over Ryogoku bridge from the Omnaya embankment - Ommayagashi yori Ryogoku-bashi no Sekiyou wo miru.
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The Brook, South Wigston, Leicestershire, watercolour, faintly signed H Bates 1942.
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Highland Scene with Cattle Drinking from River with Two Herdsmen, watercolour on paper, signed W. L. Leitch. c1860. Framed and glazed.
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Itinerant Seller on a Donkey in Spanish Town, oil on board, signed G. MacMillan. c1970. SOLD 18.12.2015.
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Estuary view with fishing boats, oil on canvas, signed H.G. Walford, Sept. 11. 1911. Framed.
SOLD  02.01.2016.
All Saints' Church, Queen Street, Derby, oil on canvas, signed Oliver Fox 1978. After A.J. Keene (All Saints' Church Tower, Queen St., Derby, painted 1889, in Derby Museum & Art Gallery). Framed.
SOLD  04.01.2016
Iconic Study of a Saint, oil on copper panel, 19th Century Eastern Orthodox School c1850 SOLD 18.01.2016.
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Portrait of a Peasant Girl, oil on board, 19th C Continental School. Unsigned. c1850. SOLD 18.01.2016.
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Holy Trinity Church, Bulcote, Nottinghamshire, mixed media, signed Paul Chambers. c1980.

SOLD  24.01.2016.

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London Bridge, River Thames and St Pauls, watercolour, signed Michael Crawley. c1967.
SOLD 25.01.2016.

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River Thames, Billingsgate, watercolour signed Michael Crawley, c1980. SOLD 25.01.2016.
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Portrait study of an Ottoman gentleman, oil on board, signed Hugh Evans. c1900. SOLD 26.01.2016
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Up Along, Clovelly, North Devon, watercolour, titled Clovelly, signed W. Sands, dated 1929 verso. Original frame with label.
SOLD  31.01.2016.

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Imperial Japanese Navy battleship Kashima, watercolour, signed Charles J. DeLacy 1906.
SOLD 22.02.2016.
Birds of a feather, oil painting on board by Arthur Blackham dated 1902.
SOLD 29.02.2016.

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