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The Church at Cirencester, watercolour, signed GF Nicholls, c1920. Ebay £135.00 inc shipping. 25.12.2014.




The Wonder Book of Wonders, Harry Golding, c1939. Etsy. £12.00  £16.00 Shipping.  03.01.2015. 

Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T.E. Lawrence, 1st Ed., 4th Imp., 1935. RAAB £60.00 £20.00 Shipping. 03.08.2015.

Backgrounds to Living, Roy Grubb, 1st Ed., 1956. RAAB £10.00 £5.00 Shipping (HK) 01.10.2015.

These Tremendous Years 1919-1938, Daily Express, 1938. RAAB £8.50 £7.00 Shipping (UK) 05.10.2015.

Unseen Adventures by Geraldine Cummins, 1st Edn., The Psychic Book Club, 1951. RAAB Create payments £12.00 plus £2.50 Shipping (UK) 22.10.2015.

Das Schoene Wien in Photographien von Bruno Reiffenstein, 1928. 1st Edn. RAAB £18.00 £5.20 Shipping (Austria) 29.11.2015.

 A Text Book of Materia Medica (Crude Drugs) by Henry G. Greenish, 4th Ed 1924. Etsy £40.00 inc Shipping 04.12.2015.

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Edward Fitzgerald, illustrated Edmund Dulac, 1910. Ebay £55.00 inc Shipping (UK) 16.12.2015.





Vickers Valetta, oil on canvas, signed John Pettitt, 2004. RAAB. £100.00 inc shipping. 04.01.2015.

Boats fishing off the coast and Fishing boats off St. Michael's Mount c1880 signed M. Farquhar. RAAB £180.- inc shipping 29.07.2015.

Grimsby Trawler Ross Hawk Cleethorpes 1968, w/c, signed L. Newnam 68. RAAB £90.- inc Shipping 30.07.2015.

Portrait of Young Lady, oil on board, unsigned. c1960. Etsy £30.- plus £9.00 Shipping (USA).

Iglesia de Sant Bartomen i Santa Tecla, Sitges, Spain, watercolour, signed G. Abalos 61. 1961. RAAB £100.00 £3.75 Shipping. 10.09.2015.

A Pair of 19th C Neapolitan School Views of Bay of Naples and Amalfi, gouache, signed A. Coppola. c1890. RAAB £300.00 plus £3.80 Shipping  (France).

Valletta in Moonlight, oil on canvas, signed Jos. Galea 1970. Ebay £550.00 inc Shipping 25.09.2015. (UK).

Arabian scene with figs and camel, watercolour, signed E. Nevil, c1890. RAAB £160.00 plus £9.50 Shipping (UK). 07.10.2015.

HMS Chrysanthemum berthed Embankment, w/c, signed A. Nikolsky 1964. Ebay £300.00 inc. Shipping (UK) 17.10.2015.

Canine Art. Did something move? Oil on board, signed Roger Heaton 1976. Ebay £70.00 inc. Shipping (UK) 17.10.2015.

ss Strathallan P&O Line, watercolour, signed Ellis Silas, c1939. Ebay £400.00 plus £15.00 Shipping (Belgium). 19.10.2015.

Minesweeper ST Stratherrick A105, 1914 War, watercolour and gouache, R. Gurnell c1914. Ebay £160.00 inc. Shipping (UK) 22.10.2015.

mv British Knight, BP tanker at sea, watercolour signed W. Hodgson 2nd Mate, c1955. Ebay £100.00 inc. Shipping (UK) 22.10.2015.

St. Ives, watercolour, signed W. Sands, c1920. RAAB £125.00 plus £3.00 Shipping (UK). 29.10.2015.

Old Wharf Mousehole with St. Michael's Mount, watercolour, signed T.H. Victor, c1950. RAAB £90.00 (inc 10% discount) plus Shipping £2.30. 31.10.2015.

Norway Panoramic vintage photo print of Bergen, Eneberettiget Mittet Co., c1910. Ebay £75.00 plus Shipping £25.00 (Switzerland). 04.11.2015.

Impressionist, Der Schwartzwald, impasto oil on canvas, signed R. Seidel 69. Ebay £100.00 plus Shipping £20.00 (USA). 05.11.2015.

Busy Spanish Town Square, watercolour, signed G. Molina, c1960. RAAB £225.00 plus £20.00 Shipping (Mallorca Spain) 05.12.2015.

River Don Industrial Scene, Sheffield, watercolour, signed F. North c1960. RAAB £200.00 plus Shipping £40.00 (Canada) 05.12.2015.

Windermere from Baron's Field, oil on canvas, signed T.E. Grimshaw c1960. Ebay £135.00 plus £30.00 Shipping (Ireland) 10.12.2015.

Woodblock original prints 4 Views of Mt. Fuji, Katsushika Hokusai, unframed c1950. Ebay £110.00 plus £30.00 Shipping (France) 12.12.2015.

The Brook, South Wigston, Leicestershire, watercolour, signed H. Bates 1942. Ebay £85.00 inc. Shipping (UK) 14.12.2015.

Highland Scene with Cattle drinking from River, watercolour, signed WL Leitch c1860. RAAB £250.00 plus £11.00 Shipping (France) 18.12.2015.

Itinerant Seller on Donkey Spanish Town, oil on board, signed G. MacMillan, c1970. Ebay £85.00 inc Shipping (UK)18.12.2015.




The ABC of Bulbs and Corms by WE Shewell-Cooper H&S Ltd., 1948. 1st Ed. RAAB £10.00 plus £3.80 Shipping (Switzerland). 13.01.2016.

Sneeze and be Slain, Norman Hunter, Pub The Bodley Head, London. 1980. 1st Ed. Etsy £15.00 plus £7.00 Shipping (USA) 23.01.2016.

Ward Lock's Red Guide Channel Islands, 20th Edn. Revised 1930. RAAB £15.00 plus £2.50 Shipping (UK) 13.03.2016.

The Daisy Bank Book of Magic with Illustrations. Daisy Bank Publishing Co., 1900. RAAB £10.00 plus £2.50 Shipping (UK) 23.03.2016.

Birds of an Indian Garden, T. Bainbrigge Fletcher Calcutta, 1936. 2nd Edition. Ebay £50.00 inc Shipping (UK). 02.04.2016.

The Wonder Book of Why and What? Edited by Harry Golding, 11th Edn. c1930. RAAB £12.00 plus £2.50 Shipping (UK) 01.05.2016.

The Heart of the Antarctic by Sir Ernest Shackleton, 2nd reprint, 1911. RAAB £50.00 plus £2.50 Shipping (UK) 13.12.2016.

Through the Looking Glass and what Alice...Lewis Carroll. 1986.  RAAB £16.99 plus £2.50 Shipping (UK) 14.12.2016.

The Story of Luton, James Dyer. 1964, 1st Edn. RAAB 10.00 plus £2.50 Shipping (UK). 28.12.2016.









Estuary View with fishing boats, oil on canvas, signed HG Walford Sept 11 1911. Ebay £35.00 inc Shipping (UK) 04.01.2016.

All Saints Church Derby, oil on canvas, signed Oliver Fox 1978. Ebay £100.00 inc Shipping (UK) Picked-up. 05.01.2016.

Iconic Study of Saint, oil on copper, 19thC E Ortho Church. Ebay £150.00 inc Shipping (UK) 18.01.2016.

Portrait of a Peasant Girl, oil on board, 19thC, unsigned, c1850. Ebay £150.00 inc Shipping (UK) 18.01.2016.

Holy Trinity Church, Bulcote, Notts, mixed media, signed Paul Chambers, c1980. Etsy £40.00 plus £17.00 Shipping (USA) 24.01.2016.

London Bridge, River Thames, watercolour, Michael Crawley, c1967. RAAB £300.00 inc Shipping (UK) 25.01.2016.

River Thames, Billingsgate, watercolour, Michael Crawley, c1980. RAAB £200.00 inc Shipping (UK) 25.01.2016.

Portrait Study of an Ottaman Gentleman, oil on board, signed Hugh Evans, c1900. Ebay £135.00 inc Shipping (UK) 26.01.2016.

Up Along, Clovelly, N. Devon, watercolour, signed W. Sands, 1929. Ebay £120.00 plus £17.00 Shipping (Australia). 31.01.2016.

Imperial Jap Navy Battleship Kashima w/c + gouache signed Charles J DeLacy 1906. Ebay £550.00 inc Shipping (UK) 22.02.2016.

 Birds of a Feather, oil on board, signed Arthur Blackham 1902. Ebay £50.00 plus £15.00 Shipping (USA) 29.02.2016.

 Notre Dame, Paris, watercolour gouache, unsigned c1880. Ebay £200.00 inc Shipping (UK)  29.02.2016.

Orientalist Arabian Scene at Dusk, gouache, signed Fred Alders, c1930. Ebay £150.00 plus £30.00 Shipping (Germany) 01.03.2016.

Portrait Study of Sardinian Shepherd, oil, indistinctly signed. c1900. Ebay £250.00 plus £30.00 Shipping (France) 02.03.2016.

Istanbul, Hagia Sophia & Sultan Ahmet Camii, a pair, oil on canvas, signed W. Petroff, c1928. Ebay £1250.00 plus £50.00 Shipping (Turkey) 08.03.2016. (Paid by bank transfer).

Impressionist Study of Bay Street, East Looe, oil on board, signed P. Sansalvadore, 1947. RAAB £300.00 inc Shipping (UK). 15.03.2016. (Purchased from South Africa for wedding gift at later date - to be advised).

Trobriand Island Papua with Figs, watercolour, titled, signed Ellis Silas 1921/4, Ebay £350.00 plus £40.00 Shipping (Australia) 22.03.2016.

Chateau Gaillard, Upper Normandy, France, w/c, signed Paul Smyth c1929, Ebay £80.00 inc Shipping (UK). 22.03.2016.

Tug Napia towing RMS Canton (P&O) Port of London 1950, w/c, signed Michael Crawley. RAAB £400 inc Shipping (UK Highlands) (Paid by bank transfer). Cost £96.-

Oddicombe Bay near Torquay, S. Devon, gouache, signed Garman Morris, c1900. RAAB £300 inc Shipping (UK) 16.08.2016. Cost £54.-

River Nile near Pyramids figures boats moonlight, w/c, signed DH Pinder 1919. RAAB £225 inc Shipping (UK). 19.12.2016. Cost TBA. Cost £57.50.




A Bird Book, Edmund Sandars, 3rd Edn. 1939. RAAB £8.99 inc Shipping (UK). 22.01.2017. Cost £0.20.

Wayside and Woodland Trees, Edward Step, c1904. RAAB £10.00 inc Shipping (UK). 07.02.2017. Cost £0.20.

Siegried's Journey 1916-20, Siegfried Sassoon, 1945. 1st Edn. RAAB £12.00 inc Shipping (UK) 07.02.2017. Cost £0.20.

Seventy Years in Shipping, Desmond I. Williams, 1989. 1st Edn. RAAB £20.00 plus £11.00 Shipping (USA). Cost £0.20. 

Ten Little Silver Coins, Dorothy M Prescott, 1964. 1st Edn. RAAB. £10.00 inc Shipping (UK) 03.05.2017 Cost £0.10.

Tales of Old Inns, Illustrated by W.M. Keesey, 1927. 1st Edn. RAAB. £10.00 inc Shipping (UK) 04.05.2017 Cost £0.10. 

Hancock's Half Hour, Ray Galton & Alan Simpson, 1974. 1st Edn. RAAB £10.00 inc Shipping (UK) 08.05.2017 Cost £0.10.

The Book of Authors, WC Russell, 1869, 1st Edn. RAAB £30.50 inc Shipping (UK) (Australia P2GO £9.99) Cost £1.00.

Daily Mail Annual for Boys and Girls, Ed. Susan French, 1947. 1st Edn. RAAB £20.00 inc Shipping (UK). 28.10.2017. Cost £0.20.

A Book of Praise, Photographs by Harold Burdekin, 1st Edn. 1948. RAAB £20.00 inc Shipping (UK). 27.11.2017. Cost £0.20.  

Decades of our lives 80's, from the archives of Daily Mail. RAAB £10.00 plus £5.00 Shipping (Malta) (incorrect rate paid but corrected and payment updated). 10.12.2017. Cost £0.20. 





Train Crossing Monsal Viaduct in Winter, Derbyshire, watercolour, signed Michael Crawley, c1975. RAAB £250.00 inc Shipping (UK). 28.01.2017. Cost £103.00.

View of Valletta from Sliema, Malta, litho, signed J. Pace. c1970. RAAB £40.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £3.00.

Bedouin Camp Near Pyramids, watercolour, signed DH Pinder, c1919. RAAB £200.00 inc Shipping (UK) Cost £57.50.

Towards Old Market Sq Nottm, print, inscribed David Coupe. c1990. RAAB £20.00 (Customer pick-up) Cost £4.00.

Riders in Desert Sandstorm, watercolour gouache, signed DH Pinder c1920. RAAB £200.00 inc Shipping (UK) Cost £30.00

Infantryman 32nd Regiment Madras c1885, watercolour & gouache, R.D. Moore, c1925. RAAB £100.00 plus £10.00 (France) Shipping. Cost £55.00.

Grand Harbour Malta, gouache, signed D'Esposito, c1900. Framed. RAAB £400.00 inc Shipping (Malta). Cost £195.00.

HMT Dorsetshire, Bibby Line, watercolour, signed Gordon T. Kell, 1953. Framed. RAAB £100.00. Customer pick-up.

Caliiphs Tombs with Camels and Figures, watercolour, signed H. Linton. c1900. Framed. RAAB £100.00 inc Shipping (UK)
Cost £27.50 Sold 25.05.2017.

Above Greenwich, Charles Dixon, colour litho 1909. c1920. Framed. RAAB. £120.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £50.00 inc. Shipping from UK. Sold 10.06.2017.

 Japanese Artisan with tools, watercolour on paper, signed T. Nakayama, c1930. Framed. RAAB. £106.00 inc Shipping (UK) Cost £45.00. Sold 17.06.2017.

A Quiet Smoke. An Afghan smoking, oil on khadi, signed Hashim 89. 1989. Unframed. RAAB. £130.00 inc Shipping (USA) Cost £3.00. Sold 18.06.2017.

In the Casbah, oil on canvas laid to board, signed monogram 19CS15, 1915. Framed. RAAB. £350.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £57.00. Sold 03.07.2017.  

 Mousehole Cornwall, watercolour, TH Victor, c1960. Framed. RAAB. £120.00 plus £5.50 Shipping (paid less amount - let it go) (Australia). Cost £33.00. Sold 05.08.2017.

Greek cargo ship Polaris, oil on canvas, signed G Yamataka, 1958. RAAB £1000.00 plus £100.00 Shipping (Greece). Sold 09.08.2017. Cost 

Milton's Cottage, Chalfont St. Giles, engraving, T.S. Allan, c1930. RAAB £30.00 inc. Shipping (UK). Cost £1.00. Sold 15.10.2017.

Sheffield Industrial Scene, watercolour, F. North, c1960. RAAB £200.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost  £88.50  Sold 01.11.2017.

Loch Lomond & Ben Lomond, watercolour & gouache, H. Moxon-Cook, c1920. RAAB £225.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £31.- Sold 22.11.2017.

Steam Locomotive taking Water in Winter near Derby, watercolour, signed Michael Crawley, c1960. RAAB £170.00 inc Shipping (UK) Cost £57.00. Sold 12.12.2017. 

Cairo, Camels and Figs., Egyptian L/S, watercolour gouache, signed H. Linton, c1900. RAAB £100.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £27.50. Sold 27.12.2017.




The Nottinghamshire Taste, compiled by Joan Martin, 1977. 1st Edn. RAAB £20.00  inc. Shipping (UK). Cost £0.20. Sold 14.01.2018. 

The Holy Roman Empire James Bryce, A New Edn., MacMillan 1912. RAAB £20.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £0.20. Sold 14.06.2018. Dispatched 2nd Class. 

An Englishman in New York, Francis Marshall, 1949. 1st Edn. RAAB £30.00 plus £3.80 Shipping (Italy). Cost £0.20. Sold 03.08.2018.  

The Pilrim's Progress, John Bunyan, Kelly's Edition, in Three Parts, 1816. RAAB £40.00 plus £5.00 Shipping (USA). Cost £4.50. Sold 12.08.2018. 


Books 2019 

Collection Les Maitres, Marcel Gromaire, de George Besson, Paris 1955. RAAB £20.00 plus £3.80 Shipping (Paris) Cost £0.20 Sold 28.11.2018, Dispatched 21.01.2019. 

The Ancient Maya, Sylvanus Morley, Stanford UP 2nd Edn. 1947. RAAB £35.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £2.00. Sold 16.12.2018. Dispatched 21.01.2019.

Day of Rest, August 1881. New Series, Published Strahan & Co. London. RAAB £30.00 plus £5.00 Shipping (Canada). Cost £0.50. Sold 31.01.2019. Dispatched 01.02.2019. 

Selected Poems of S.T. Coleridge, W. Robertson. Geo. G. Harrap & Co. 1915. RAAB £15.00 plus £5.00 Shipping USA
Cost £1.00 Sold 25.02.2019. Dispatched 25.02.2019.

The Book of the Sea, edtd. Aubrey de Selincourt, 1961. 1st Edn. RAAB £10.00 plus £3.80 Shipping France. Cost £1.00. Sold 23.04.2019. Dispatched 23.04.2019. 

Line & Form, Walter Crane, Geo. Bell & Sons, 1900. RAAB £100.00 inc. Shipping (UK). Cost £1.00. Sold 26.07.2019. Dispatched 27.07.2019. 

Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage & C., Ed. R. Mair, Royal Edn.,1885. RAAB £100.00 inc. Shipping (UK). Cost £5.00 Sold 24.10.2019 Dispatched 24.10.2019. 




Art  2018

Carshalton Surrey genre landscape, watercolour, signed Winifred Madder 07, 1907. RAAB £200.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £9.00. Sold 02.01.2018.

Clovelly, North Devon, gouache on paper, signed Garman Morris, c1900. RAAB cash sale, £300.00. Picked up. Cost £71.- Sold 23.01.2018. 

A Woody Glen, North Wales, watercolour and gouache, signed A.R. Williams, c1900. RAAB cash sale, £100.00 Picked up. Cost £6.- Sold 23.01.2018. 

Hull Trawler Arctic Viking off Flamboro Head, watercolour, signed David C Bell '98. RAAB £750.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £300 inc Shipping. Sold 05.02.2018.

Orion Insurance Company, dry-point etching, signed Henry Rushbury, c1925. RAAB £225.00 inc. Shipping (UK). Cost £68.00 (Mallams). Sold 03.08.2018.

 Art 2019

The Old Manor Kenilworth, watercolour, C. Milner, Sept 1942. RAAB £120.00 inc. Shipping (UK). Cost £7.00 (Johnson) Sold 02.03.2019.

Where Heather Grows, print on canvas, S. Shelton. c1920. RAAB £50.00 plus Shipping (Ireland) £13.00 Cost £5.00 SOLD 31.03.2019. 

A Timid Model, Papuan Girl, watercolour, Ellis Silas, c1923. RAAB £400.00 plus Shipping (Czech Rep.) £30.00 Cost £61.- SOLD 27.04.2019. 

Whitby Harbour Old Bridge at Low Tide, watercolour, J. Syer, c1870. RAAB £300.00 inc. Shipping (UK). Cost £90.00 (A.J) SOLD 04.05.2019. 

 Hermann Goering, portrait, oil on panel, D. Spahn, c1938. RAAB £450.00 inc. Shipping (USA). Cost £60.00 (Crow's) SOLD 19.06.2019.

 Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nahyan, portrait, oil on board, signed Mildred Edwards, 1964. RAAB £250.00 plus Shipping Abu Dhabi £60.00. Cost £38.00 (Dickens). SOLD 11.07.2019. 

Hull Sidewinder Trawler, oil on board, Bill Welburn, 1974. RAAB £175.00 plus £35.00  Shipping (USA). Cost £35.00 gross (inc Shipping). SOLD 27.07.2019.

HMT Empire Trooper, watercolour, signed Gordon T. Kell, 1953. RAAB £180.00 plus £15.00 Shipping (France). SOLD Cost £10.00. SOLD 06.08.2019.

Rooster and chicks, mixed media woodblock, Koson.
Two swallows, mixed media woodblock, Koson.
Jap Black crow, mixed media, Koson.
Geese, mixed media woodblock, Koson. Multi-order. RAAB £575.00 inc. Shipping (Germany). SOLD Cost £105.00. SOLD 16.10.2019. 

SS Kessingland, watercolour, signed Perry Broad, 1982. RAAB £120.00 inc. Shipping (UK). Cost £3.00 SOLD 15.11.2019.

Orientalist Moroccan Street scene, watercolour, signed A.C. Meyer, c1890. RAAB £450.00 inc. Shipping (Italy). Cost £103.00 SOLD 18.11.2019. 

Venetian Lagoon scene with Gondola and Figs, watercolour, indistinct sig., 1853. RAAB £80.00 inc. Shipping (UK). Cost £31.00  SOLD 25.11.2019.

Portrait of an Afghan Citizen, watercolour, signed Ghaussuddin 1966. Unframed. RAAB £300.00 inc. Shipping (Canada). Cost P.B.A. SOLD 28.11.2019.

Sailing Ships Passing Fishing Boat, watercolour, WEJ Dean, 1942. RAAB £250.00 inc. Shipping (UK). Cost £133.00. SOLD 16.12.2019.

Humber Heritage, Humber Bridge & ps Lincoln Castle litho print signed DC Bell. c1981. RAAB 130.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £15.00. SOLD 30.12.2019. 

ART 2020 

Boston Market Place with St. Botolph's Church, watercolour, G. Harrison 1921. RAAB £375.00 to pick-up. Cost £85.00 gross. SOLD 03.01.2020.

River Landscape with Windmill, watercolour, G. Oyston, c1920. RAAB £275.00 inc Shipping (UK). Cost £63.50. SOLD 12.02.2020.

Kirkeristen Bazaars, Oslo, Norway, oil on canvas, JA Lande, c1950. RAAB £145.00 inc. Shipping (Norway) £45.00. Cost £24.00. SOLD  19.02.2020.