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Mangoes for sale in Morabadi market Ranchi Jharkhand. A favourite fruit of Ranchi Jharkhand, India.

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Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books, a dealer in Fine Art and Books, was established 8th July 2011, with the aim of providing a varied selection of works of art and books for sale at reasonable prices. The paintings and books displayed on these two sites are available for purchase from the sites under the Menu headings. Please contact for any enquiries. Thanks. 


Here are some sample paintings to view from popular Categories :

South Asian Art

Durga Maa sitting on a lion with Elephant in obeisance, 19thC Bengali School oil painting on canvas in original fruit wood frame.

Durga Maa on Lion with Elephant in obeisance, 19thC Bengali School, oil on canvas.

Radha Krishna in classical poise in front of a tree, 19thC Bengali School oil on canvas painting in original wooden frame.

Radha Krishna in classical poise. 19thC Bengali School, oil on canvas.

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Arabian Art 

Arabs in conversation in a temple, oil painting on wooden panel, signed  W. Muller 43,  old label and script verso.

William James Muller (1812-45) British.  Orientalist artist; above oil and other works available now.

For Sale. £1000.00 (including Free Delivery Worldwide).  Contact to request an invoice.

Detail from Family Conversation on street leading to Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo, oil on canvas study signed Max Arnold 1922, on wooden stretcher.

Max W Arnold (1897-1946) Romanian.  Orientalist artist; above oil on canvas work available now. 

For Sale. £300.00 (UK Free Delivery. Europe : £40.00  World : £50.00). Contact to request an invoice. 

Please view the full range available in the Orientalist Category.

Orientalist Art

With the focus of the World's attention on the Middle East there is a growing interest and fascination with the works of the 19th and 20th Century Orientalists who captured a totally different aspect and view of the Middle East as we know it today. Whether this was fantasy or fact will remain the subject of debate but it cannot be denied that their works are colourful, sensual, atmospheric, beautiful, erotic and enjoyable. The paintings take us back to Colonial times which had offered the opportunity for artists from the West to travel to the Near and Middle East and respond to the climatic effects on their mediums and on their own view of this world. The results produced an image of a peaceful and exotic world that cannot be recognised today and which has been captured for posterity in these wonderful works.

Following is a list of some major Orientalist artists:

Alma Tadema Lawrence (1836-1912). British.

Anger, Jacques (b-1940).  French.

Arnold, Max (1897-1946) Romanian.

Baldasar, T. (19th/20th Century).

Barbaro, Giovanni (fl.1889-1907), (1864-1915). (aka Dudley, Arthur).  Italian.

Bartolini, Federico Filippo (1861-1908). Italian.

Bechard, Henri (fl. 1870-1889). French.

Bracht, Eugene (1842-1921) Swiss.

Boulanger, Gustave Clarence Rodolphe (1824-1888). French.

Bridgman, Frederick Arthur (1847-1928). American.

Canning, Charlotte (1817-1861). British.

Carelli, Gabriele (1820-1900). Italian.

Charlemont, Eduard (1848-1906). Austrian.

Chasseriau, Theodore (1819-1856). French.

Cipriani, Nazzarreno (1843-1925). Italian.

Coleman, William Stephen (1829-1904). British.

Cooper, Reginald (fl. 1929-39). British.

Cormon, Fernand (1845-1924). French.

Coulson, John (19th-20th C). British.

Dadd, Richard (1817-1886). (alt. 1819-1887). British.

Daniels, A.W. (19th/20th Century). British.

Dauzats, Adrien (1804-1868). French.

Delacroix, Eugene (1798-1863). French.

Deutsch, Ludwig (1855-1935). Austrian.

Dinet, Alphonse Etienne (1861-1929). French.

Dudley, Arthur (fl. 1889-1907) (Barbaro Giovanni).

Dulac, Edmund (1882-1953). British.

Edmond, Rene Charles (1877-1960). French.

el Yasmid, Hassan (19th/20thC). Egyptian, (poss. pseudonym).   

Ernst, Rudolf (1854-1920). Austrian.

Fedden, Arthur Romilly R.B.A. (1875-1939). British.

Fortuny y Marsal, Mariano (1838-1874). Spanish.

Foweraker, Albert Moulton (1873-1942). English.

Frere, Charles Theodore (1814-1888). French.

Fromentin, Eugene (1820-1876). French.

Gerome, Jean-Leon (1824-1904). French.

Goodall, Frederick (1822-1904). British.

Guillaumet, Gustave Achille (1840-1887). French.

Hansen, Hans (fl. 1874-1948) (1843-1957). Scottish.

Hardy, Dudley (1867-1922). English.

Harper, Henry Andrew (1835-1900). British.

Hepple, John Wilson (1886-1939). British.

Holmes, Frank (fl.1920-1938) British.

Hunt, William Holman (1827-1910). British.

Hurst, Hal (1865-1938). British.

Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique (1780-1867). French.

Jamrack, G. (19th Century). British.

Kelly, Robert Talbot (1861-1934). English.

Lamplough, Augustus Osborne (1877-1930). British.

Lear, Edward (1812-1888). British.

Leaver, Noel Harry (1889-1951). Austwick Yorks. Br.

Leighton, Frederic (1830-1896). British.

Lewis, A (19th/20th Century). British.

Lewis, John Frederick (1805-1876). British.

Linton, H (19th/20th Century). British.

Liotard, Jean-Etienne (1702-1789). Swiss.

Long, Edwin Longsden (1829-1891). British.

Lopez, Diego Marin (1856-1917). Spanish.

Lucas-Robiquet, Marie (1863-1959). French.

Lynton, Henry (Harry) Stanton (fl.1886-1904). British.

Macco, Georg (1863-1933). German.

MacKenzie, Roderick Dempster (1865-1941). Alabama U.S.A.

Marchettini, A (Emilio) (19th C). Italian.

Meyer, Adolph (Adolphe) Campbell A.R.E. (1866-1919). British.

More', Felix (19th/20th Century).

Morgan, Walter Jenks (1847-1924). English.

Muller, William James (1812-1845). (Main artist in The Bristol School). British.

Nevil, Edward (fl. 1880-1900). British.

O'Kelly, Aloysius (1853-1936). Irish.

Pasini, Alberto (1826-1899). Italian.Perlberg, Friedrich (1848-1921). German.

Perlberg, Friedrich (1848-1921). German.

Petroff, Vladimir K. (1880-1935). Islamic Architectural, Istanbul. Russian.

Pinder, Douglas H. (1886-1949). British (West Country).

Ralli, Theodore (1852-1909). Greek.

Realier-Dumas (1860-1928). French.

Roberts, David (1796-1864). Scottish.

Robertson, Charles (1844-1891).

Rosati, Giulio (1858-1917). Italian.

Ross, Christina Paterson (1843-1906). Scottish.

Rousseau, Henri-Emilien (1875-1933). French.

Roubtzoff, Alexandre (1884-1949). Russian.

Thaddeus, Henry Jones (1859-1929). Irish.

Tissot, James (1836-1902). French.

Varley, Frederick Horsman (1881-1969). Canadian.

Varley, John Jnr. (1850-1933 L/S). British.

Weeks, Edwin Lord (1849-1903). American.

Zommer, Richard Karlovich (1866-1939). Russian. (b. Austria).

This list is by no means exhaustive and will be updated appropriately.