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Mount Kilimanjaro
mv Polaris Greek cargo ship off Japanese coast, oil on canvas.
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Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books, a dealer in Fine Art and Books, was established 8th July 2011, with the aim of providing a varied selection of works of art and books at reasonable prices. The paintings and books displayed on this site are available for purchase in the Shop which can be accessed from the Menu or by following this Shop link or one of the featured items.

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The two paintings at the head of this page are examples of the range of paintings that will be available for sale in the Shop. The first is an attractive gouache on card entitled "Kilimanjaro in Chagga" which depicts the two peaks Kibo and Kimawanzi. The artist is currently unknown. The second is an oil on canvas painting of the Greek flagged cargo ship "Polaris" off the Japanese coast signed by the well known Japanese maritime artist Goro Yamataka dated 1958. These two paintings, however, are not available for sale at this time. To view the paintings currently available for sale please visit the Shop and select the type of art work from the Categories listed or simply browse through the complete range. The items available are updated daily so please return again soon if there isn't anything to your liking at this time.

Please note that the Ranchi (India) Branch of Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books will be offering works sourced from South Asia and these items will be shipped directly from Ranchi (Jharkhand) India.  

To view the current lists of items for sale on my eBay sites (Falkingbridge1 and Falkingbridge2) please follow links.


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You can contact me using the Contact Us link in the Menu, emailing directly to [email protected] or by phone +447821953966 or +918092367706. Enquiries relating to items sourced from South Asia should be addressed to [email protected] or phone +918092367706. 


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Are you looking for a work by a particular artist or school or a particular theme or subject? If so, why not register your interest with Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books and I will endeavour to obtain the work at no obligation to yourself. You will then be free to decide whether or not you wish to purchase the item after examining as many photographs and descriptions as you consider necessary. Just click the link below and then complete the Picture Search form in as much detail as possible and leave the footwork to me:

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Likewise, if you are searching for a particular book or books relating to a particular field or subject please register your interest by clicking the link below and completing the Book Search form in as much detail as possible. Please be aware that it may take a considerable time to source some items. I will keep you advised of progress during this period:

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For viewing only

19th century bengali school oil on canvas in limed wooden frame.

Durga Maa on lion with elephant in obeisance. 19th century bengali school oil on canvas in limed wooden frame.

Durga Maa on Lion with Elephant in obeisance.
19th Century Bengali School, oil on canvas.


Radha Krishna in classical poise. 19th century Bengali school oil on canvas.

Radha Krishna in classical poise.
19th Century Bengali School, oil on canvas.

Gouache on paper, desert scene.

Oil painting on board signed Henri Claudel c1970.Oil painting on board signed Henri Claudel c1970.

Vue de Cote de L'Atlantique, oil on board, signed Henri Claudel, c1970.


Kugelbake beacon, gouache on card signed Scholz Hanus c1960.

Kugelbaake navigational beacon, Cuxhaven, gouache on card, signed Scholz Hanus, c1960.

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