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Barbaro Egyptian Scenes (Pair)

Posted on 4:01pm Saturday 13th Sep 2014

Giovanni Barbaro, pair of Middle Eastern scenes, signed, watercolours, 10 x 24in. (25 x 61cm). Available at auction Ewbank's 24.09.2014 lot 590. Large watercolours, framed in Contemporary style. Signatures as later style (The Bedouin Series, examples in Giovanni Barbaro 2 at this link) and same locations. 


£500 - £800

Not sold.

Barbaro Market Scenes (Pair)

Posted on 12:09pm Friday 29th Aug 2014

Giovani Barbaro (Italian, fl 1890-1907). Pair of framed watercolours. Bustling Arabian market scenes. Signed, 30cm x 75cm.

Paul Beighton's 23rd August, sold within estimate (£160.00 net). A good pair. Somewhat disappointing result probably due to current Mid-East situation which will inevitably affect the prices of Orientalist works - good time for buyers with long term views though. Another side of the coin is that with the extent of destruction these works will increase in historical value.


Posted on 9:39pm Tuesday 1st Jul 2014

Please note that Barbaro file has been updated with new images and info relating to recently sold watercolours signed Amy Barbaro. View the updates at 1. Giovanni Barbaro  and  at  5. Amy Barbaro

Amy Barbaro watercolours sold.

Posted on 9:42am Saturday 7th Jun 2014

The pair of Orientalist watercolours depicting Egyptian Street Scenes sold at the Pyramid Society auction in the US for $12,000.00 which was a very good price and has certainly put Amy Barbaro onto the International Art scene. The question now is are there any more of her signed works out there - this sale has set a precedent. 

Here are images of the two watercolours (by kind permission of The Pyramid Society) :

Egyptian Street scene with figures and camels, watercolour, signed Amy Barbaro, c1920.
Egyptian street scene with figures, camel and snake charmer on carpet, watercolour, signed Amy Barbaro, c1920.

Amy Barbaro works at auction

Posted on 10:40pm Thursday 5th Jun 2014

Reminder that the two signed Egyptian Street scenes are at auction tomorrow in US. See the link below :

Barbaro Egyptian Street Scene

Posted on 8:42am Monday 2nd Jun 2014

Giovanni Barbaro (1864-1915) Framed watercolour. Egyptian street scene with figures and buildings, signed, 25cm x 60cm. (Estimate £80-120). Sold at auction Paul Beighton yesterday £110 net. Good condition, familiar Barbaro street scene with figures.

Amy Barbaro

Posted on 12:29pm Sunday 1st Jun 2014

Orientalist watercolour studies of Egyptian street scenes signed Amy Barbaro coming up at auction Kentucky US 6th June 0600 PT.

Barbaro S/L signed A. Dudley sold at auction

Posted on 8:20am Saturday 17th May 2014

GIOVANNI BARBARO. Framed, signed as Arthur Dudley, dated 1898, watercolour on paper, still life composition, showing various fruits on a table, 26.5cm x 75cm.  Sold  £280.00  net.  Biddle & Webb 09.05.2014. Very good example of Arthur Dudley signature and dated.

Barbaro, Camel and Rider in Desert L/S.

Posted on 12:05pm Thursday 1st May 2014. 

Camel and rider in desert landscape with palm trees, watercolour, signed Giovanni Barbaro, c1900.

Improved image of the Camel and Rider in Desert Landscape, watercolour, signed Giovanni Barbaro c1900.  

Detail from the Camel and Rider watercolour signed Giovanni Barbaro, c1900.

An interesting study with familiar background and trees in typical Barbaro style but a variation on the camel rider. 

Barbaro, Colossi of Memnon

Posted on 9:15am Friday 25th Apr 2014.

Watercolour on paper study titled Camels Passing the Colossi of Memnon at Sunset, signed Giovanni Barbaro, c1900. Original frame.

The watercolour on paper study titled Camels Passing the Colossi of Memnon at Sunset is in good condition displayed in period ebonized frame signed Giovanni Barbaro in his usual manner. Dimensions as per usual medium sized work : Frame : 360mm x 715mm x 45mm. Image : 245mm x 600mm. 

Posted on 5:19pm Saturday 12th Apr 2014

Another Egyptian theme watercolour depicting camels passing Statues of Menron signed Giovanni Barbaro (estimate £200-£300). Sold at Dominic Winters. The title actually refers to The Colossi of Memnon, Pharaoh Amenhotep III in the Theban Necropolis  across the R. Nile from Luxor. c1350 BC. 

Barbaro Marketplace scenes (a pair).

Posted on 9:53am Thursday 13th Mar 2014.

Egyptian market place scenes with figures and camels, watercolour, signed Giovanni Barbaro, c1900.
Egyptian street scene with snake charmer on carpet, watercolour, signed Giovanni Barbaro, c1900.
Detail from the snake charmer on carpet, watercolour, signed Giovanni Barbaro, c1900.
Giovanni Barbaro's signature.

Posted on 4:43pm Thursday 6th Mar 2014

A pair of Barbaro watercolour works, Egyptian Marketplace scenes, at auction today, Cheffins. Estimate £1000.00 - £1500.00

Sold £1143.00 gross.

Barbaro, 3 camels at auction.

Posted on 3:15pm Tuesday 4th Mar 2014.

Desert scene with three camels and riders, watercolour, signed G. Barbaro, c1900.

Dimensions : Image 290mm x 480mm. Period ebonized frame, 410mm x 600mm. Good condition. Signed G. Barbaro. 

Detail of the leading camel and rider thought to be Giovanni Barbaro self portrait.

Could this leading rider actually be Giovanni Barbaro? I think it is - compare to the leading character on paintings. If any relatives of Barbaro read this please contact and forward any photographs. 

Barbaro, 3 camels at auction

Posted on 9:54pm Wednesday 19th Feb 2014

Interesting watercolour at auction today, 3 camels with leading figure. Reeman Dansie. 

Giovanni Barbaro (1864 - 1915), watercolour - Egyptian desert with three figures riding camels, signed, in glazed frame, 29.5cm x 48cm.

Estimate £100-£200.  Sold £165.- gross.

Amy Dawson/Barbaro

Posted on 6:20pm Monday 13th Jan 2014.

Further confirmation of Amy Dawson from April :

I think you have heard from a fellow-researcher (Margaret Fay) the news below - but if not, here it is. It certainly is the last bit of the jig-saw which confirms that Amy Dawson became Amy Barbaro. Her father died on 14 April 1904 and one of the people awarded probate was his other daughter - Edith Gertrude Dawson b. abt 1874 - she was unmarried and living on her own in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1911 census but there is no indication that she was also an artist (their father's personal effects when he died was abt £200,000 in today's money). - best wishes, April


Newcastle Courant dated Saturday 1st January 1898. It states marriage on the 10th instant, (must mean Dec 1897) at the Municipality Rome and church of Ss. Vincenso & Anastasio, Amy daughter of Edward Dawson of Whitley to Giovanni son of Dona Maria and the late Don Leopoldo Barbaro of Amalfi, Italy.

Very pleased to announce that today I have been contacted by Margaret Fay to advise that she has discovered the following Marriage Announcement in the archives of the Newcastle Courant dated Saturday 1st January 1898 :

On the 10th December, 1897, at the Municipality, Rome, and church of SS. Vincenzo and Anastasio, Amy, daughter of  Mr. Edward Dawson of Whitley, to Giovanni, son of Dona Maria and the late Don Leopoldo Barbaro of Amalfi, Italy.    

Many thanks to Margaret for sharing this information and solving the mystery of Amy and Giovanni's marriage.

The biography of Giovanni Barbaro will now be updated.

Posted on 11:43am Thursday 21st Nov 2013

Thanks to very detailed research carried out by April Marjoram, the following information has been obtained which identifies Amy Barbaro as Amy Dawson born 1867 in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Here is an extract from the research :

1.Amy Dawson was born Newcastle upon Tyne in 1867 (ref BMD New.U.Tn 2nd quarter 1867 10b/1)

2. Her parents were Edward Dawson (who worked for Newcastle & Gateshead Gas Co) b.1836 and Jane A F Dawson (nee Thompson - see 3.below) Her siblings were (all born NUT): Edward E b.1866; Simpson b.1869 and Edith G b.1874) - in 1871 the family were living at 11 Coburg St Gateshead and in 1881 in Elswick (ref 1871 census RG11/5053/29/14 and ref 1881 census RG11/5051/74/18)

3. Amy Dawson's parents married in 1863 - Edward Dawson married Jane Ann Fredrina Thompson in/around Newcastle upon Tyne (ref BMD 3rd quarter 1863 New.U.Tn 10b/200)

4. 1891 census shows Amy Dawson described as "artist" visiting (or possibly lodging?) at the home of Henry Graham at 16 Bute Street

5. 1st October 1893 Dorothy Worden (who was also born in Newcastle upon Tyne) - a member of St Ives Arts club signed in Amy Dawson from Northumberland

6. 31 March 1901 at 35 Carlton Crescent Southampton at home of Mary Heath widow aged 49 living on own means b. Ireland; Tyrone Power her nephew aged 29 single b India book publisher and Giovanni barbaro aged 37 retired courier b. Italy (Italian subject) and Amy his wife aged 34 b Newcastle Upon Tyne "artist, watercolours" (ref RG13/1060/39/12)

7. 20 April 1901 John Barbaro "artist" aged 34(!!) and his wife Amy "artist"aged 33 left Southampton to sail (2nd class cabin) to New York on the SS New York (ref shipping register)

8. 23 January 1907 Amy Barbaro was one of the two witnesses at the wedding of Dorothy Worden (though by that time she was the widow of William Evelyn Osborn - so is recorded as Dorothy Osborn) to Commander Harold Ernest Browne at St Luke's church, Chelsea (ref P74/LUK/245)

9. Giovanni Barbaro died 1915 whilst his wife Amy Barbaro (ref probate register) died on 20 Feb 1937 at Nursing home (Milton House Strawberry Hill) but here home address was Montpellier House, Montpellier Row Twickenham Effects=£8.8s.2d and probate administration was granted to Gipsy [Edith] Archdale Cook, widow (she had been married to an accountant - see 1911 census ref RG14/6978/127)

10. Amy Barbaro was listed on the electoral register in 1936 at 29 Montpelier Row Twickenham

11. Victorian Painters C.Wood, C.Newall, M.Richarson pub 2008 p133 lists "Dawson, Amy fl1889-1891; exhibited three pictures at SS 1889-91, flowers, fruit and one portrait. London address."


My own conclusion from this information is that, unless it can be proved otherwise, Amy Barbaro was Amy Dawson and she, not as has been previously assumed Giovanni Barbaro, used the pseudonym A. Dudley or Arthur Dudley (maintaining the initials A.D.). She probably adopted this nom de guerre as a male name was preferable to a female name in Art circles in Victorian Britain. 

Amy Barbaro watercolour

Posted on 11:06am Tuesday 24th Sep 2013.

David Knapman, England, has been in contact to advise that he has purchased a watercolour painting of Amy Barbaro in an Orange Grove which he is very happy to share with other Giovanni Barbaro collectors and enthusiasts. Please view the images below : 

Portrait of Amy Barbaro, watercolour, signed G. Barbaro.

The painting is signed G. Barbaro. Framed. Dimensions : 240mm x 170mm.  Many thanks to David. The image will be added to the Barbaro page. 

Variation on a familiar study.

Posted on 7:54am Monday 12th Aug 2013

An interesting variation of the well-known Barbaro study of "In an Orange Grove" has come to light thanks to the contact made by Peter Webb in Brittany, France. The watercolour on paper depicts the same model but set against a background of flowering cherries. There are subtle variations to the profile but it is without doubt the same subject as seen in many Barbaro female studies. View the images below :

Profile portrait thought to be Amy Barbaro in a cherry orchard, watercolour, signed G. Barbaro.
Detail of the profile portrait of Amy Barbaro in a cherry orchard.

The dimensions of the painting are unusual for Barbaro at 172mm x 228mm but it's possible the painting may have been trimmed at the top or lh side. Interesting to note the signature is G. Barbaro.

The painting was purchased by the owner's mother at a house clearance in the 1950's for £5.- including another print.

Thanks to Peter Webb for making contact and sharing this interesting painting. 

Barbaro at auction 07.08.2013.

Posted on 2:48pm Wednesday 7th Aug 2013

Girl amongst orange trees, watercolour, signed Giovanni Barbaro Italy, c1890.

Girl amongst oranges, watercolour on paper, 400mm x 330mm, signed Giovanni Barbaro Italy, estimated £80-£120, sold at Bellmans Auctioneers today at £100.- net. An interesting study and probably a Barbaro family member/wife. On the basis of the signature, probably pre-1900.  Compare the previous entry. 

Portrait of Amy Barbaro in an orange orchard, watercolour, signed G. Barbaro.

Further to my blog of 30th July, relating to the offering of Barbaro watercolour, possibly Amy Barbaro, noting that Canterbury Auction Galleries were re-offering the study "Shoulder length portrait of a woman possibly the artist's wife Amy Barbaro signed G. Barbaro" today with a revised estimate of  £300-£400". Once again the lot did not sell.  

Barbaro Street Scenes

Posted on 9:16am Friday 2nd Aug 2013.

Egyptian Street Scene with Water-carrier, watercolour on paper pasted to acid board, signed Giovanni Barbaro, c1900.

Egyptian Street Scene with Water-carrier, watercolour on paper pasted to acid board, signed Giovanni Barbaro, c1900.

Dimensions : Image : 728mm x 318mm. 

Detail of the water-carrier.

The Water-carrier in detail. 

Posted on 7:23am Tuesday 30th Jul 2013

Further to my blog of June 14 2013 relating to the offering of Barbaro watercolour - possibly Amy Barbaro, note that Canterbury Auction Galleries are re-offering the study "Shoulder length portrait of a woman possibly the artist's wife Amy Barbaro signed G. Barbaro" on 6th August 2013 with a revised estimate of  £300-£400. 

Portrait of Amy Barbaro in an orange orchard.
Compare this portrait thought to be Amy Barbaro in an orange orchard in her younger years.

Compare the above study with the following thought to be an image of Amy in her younger years.  

Posted on 8:13am Friday 26th Jul 2013

2 Barbaro street scenes were sold at auction recently. Both classic well-known scenes. View the images below :

Street scene, figure with camel, watercolour, signed Giovanni Barbaro, and the  street scene with the water-carrier.

Barbaro Italian scene.

Posted on 12:05pm Thursday 28th Mar 2013

Here is an image of the Italian street scene sent by Tom in Melbourne.

Italian street scene, probably Amalfi, watercolour, signed Giovanni Barbaro, c1890.
Giovanni Barbaro's signature on the Italian street scene.
Detail from the Italian street scene watercolour.
Detail from the Italian street scene.

This is a very interesting study and unusual for Barbaro. It appears to be an Italian street scene and could well be an Amalfi street scene. c1890. As is fairly common with Barbaro's paintings, there could be descriptive text verso but this is sealed within the frame. Please note that I have taken the liberty of modifying and brightening the colours of the image above to give a better image. The details below are as received from Tom in his email. 

Tom has since confirmed that the above image is correct.

Thanks to Tom Daly for these images. This is a rare and early Barbaro work.

Posted on 11:51am Friday 8th Mar 2013

Further to my earlier post 27th Feb 2013 another two Barbaro watercolours appeared on the market - a pair of Egyptian Street Scenes in period ebonized frames - making a grand total of 8 Barbaro works on the market this week. All have sold. Please view the Giovanni Barbaro pages for images and details in due course -  please follow this link Giovanni Barbaro

To see images of the latest pair of Egyptian Street Scenes please follow this link. It is interesting to note that these street scenes are in the same or very similar locations to the other paintings listed in the Barbaro pages. 

To see the images of the pair of watercolours entitled "Mediterranean Maidens", which probably portray Amy Barbaro and were the basis of the Pretty Girls series of colour postcards, please follow this link  Giovanni Barbaro

To see the classic "Camel rider at dusk with mosque beyond", watercolour and gouache on paper, signed Giovanni Barbaro Italy,  c1898, please follow this link and scroll down the page or go to this link Gallery on the Home page and scroll down the Gallery. The paintings signed with "Italy" following the signature are pre-1900 works. The post 1900 works were signed without the addition.

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Barbaro, Giovanni

Barbaro paintings at auction.

New Barbaro paintings.

Giovanni Barbaro's classic Orientalist works.

Giovanni Barbaro

Arthur Dudley aka Giovanni Barbaro.


Arthur Dudley.

Arthur Dudley.

English artist Arthur Dudley.

Posted on 6:40pm Friday 16th Mar 2012

As there is currently a watercolour work on sale in the Shop by the English artist Arthur Dudley signed and dated 1901, it is appropriate that an entry should be made about this artist. It is generally accepted that he also painted under the pseudonym Giovanni Barbaro and his works were generally still-life studies of fruit and Egyptian desert or town scenes. His most prolific period was 1890-1907 and he exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Royal Society of British Artists. He is known to have lived in London and Bath. 

 I hope to be able to add further biographical details about this artist and will be very interested to receive any further information about Arthur Dudley/Giovanni Barbaro.