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Kilimanjaro in Chagga, gouache on paper, unknown artist.  

Our Shop's original listing including items for sale and sold since 8th July 2011 has now been archived. Access to the data in these records is still available and details can be requested for research purposes. Items that were for sale are being relisted in the new Shop listings and will be gradually offered for sale. If you wish to view or purchase an item in the original listings please make your request by reference to the List of Authors for books or the List of Artists for paintings. Please contact me by email quoting author or artist and the item's name or description. Thanks.

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If you have any comments regarding this new website or comments relating to the previous old website (or comparisons) please address them to the Blog page or the Customer Survey page or contact me directly. Thanks.

Cargo ship working at moorings Palermo Harbour Sicily, watercolour, signed Ellis Silas, c1950.

This well-known respected war-artist was particularly adept at capturing this type of scene in addition to his WWI historical military studies.  

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Ranchi Art & Antiquarian Books, a dealer in Fine Art and Books, was established 8th July 2011, with the aim of providing a varied selection of works of art and books at reasonable prices. The paintings and books displayed on this site are available for purchase in the Shop which can be accessed from the Menu or by following this Shop link or one of the featured items.

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