Maritime 3

Maritime Art 3 

ss Delphinus working cargo, Poole Harbour, watercolour, signed Leonard Stanley, c1950.

Signature, Leonard Stanley

Exhibition details verso, 1971.

Detail view.

ss Delphinus working cargo, Poole Harbour, watercolour on paper, signed Leonard Stanley, c1950. Framed and glazed.

Dimensions : Frame : 457mm x 636mm x 19mm . Image : 380mm x 558mm. Weight : 2.400kg. Condition : Good.

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The watercolour on textured art paper depicts the steamship ss Delphinus working cargo in Poole docks, Dorset, England, c1950. The painting is in good condition with good colours and no damage. The artist has signed the work in his usual style in the lower rh corner "Leonard Stanley" in black paint. The painting is displayed directly below glass in the original wooden frame with a buff coloured fabric lined border and gilt edging; sturdy condition with scuffing in places. Hardboard backing secured by nails and sealed with old gummed framing tape which is torn and detached in places. Exhibition details in 1971 inscribed in black ink in lower centre and the artist's address and title Tramp Poole Harbour £20.00 in lower rh corner. Heavy hanging wire attached to two old screw eyes.

Regarding the artist, I have not been able to establish any bio details. The commonly reported birth and death dates (1891-1951) are incorrect as they have been confused with the bio of the artist Sir Stanley Spencer whose well-known paintings based in the village of Leonard Stanley have led to this erroneous connection. From the evidence available to me I guess that he was born in the 1930's and that he has some long-term connection with the West Midlands and was still active in 1971. If anyone has any info on Leonard Stanley I will be pleased to hear it.

Regarding the subject of this painting, cargo ship ss Delphinus, here is a brief summary of her history :

ss Delphinus was built in 1919 by Eriksberg Mekaniske Verkstad in Gothenburg. The owner of the ship was Ahlmark O.F. & Co. Karlstad and she operated under the Swedish flag from 1937-1953. Pre-1937 is vague but Lloyds Register quote 1937 reported owner Rederiaktiob Stjaernan (Hj. Nerman Manager).

In 1953 she was sold to London Greeks Moschakis A. (A. Moschakis & Co. London), renamed ss Mairoula M and operated under the British flag from 1953-1956.

In 1956 she was sold to Compania Linea Roza Ltd., renamed ss Concha and operated under the Costa Rican flag from 1956-1958.

On the 10th September 1958 she sank after a fire and explosion in the engine room on a voyage from Dublin to Swansea in ballast off Grassholm Island (off Milford Haven), where she lies to this day.

An interesting history and an historic painting.

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